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About General Information Write for Us Gemstone
Write for Us Gemstone has details like guidelines, topics, and application procedures for writing a guest post on Hastebc Org.

Are you a blogger, writer, and gemstone expert interested in sharing your post with a global audience? Gemstones have their own significance, and people wear them for different purposes like fashion or luck. Many customers face problems due to a lack of information on the gemstone.

Hastebc Org has invited bloggers and writers on the gemstone to contribute to its guest post initiative and get their posts read by thousands of regular visitors on its platform. Write for Us Gemstone has all the details and guidelines for writing content on our website.

Who are we?

Hastebc Com platform has entered the digital media field to provide relevant content to the online audience. As scammers penetrated the e-commerce industry, our website reviews helped shoppers get a detailed legit analysis of the online store. Our team of writers works continuously to provide unbiased reviews to online shoppers.

Product reviews cover a detailed analysis of the product under consideration and give information on its features, pros, and cons. Gaming content has helped many online gamers understand the game well.

 “Write For Us Gemstone Blog Guest Post:

Gemstone guest post is an excellent opportunity for bloggers, writers, and experts interested in sharing their work with a diverse section of readers. Most people looking to buy gemstones have little idea about it and search for relevant articles on the internet. Our guest posts will help readers find relevant articles and make buying decisions.

Website dealing in a gemstone can also share product details on their store and a brief introduction. The informative article will help the seller and buyer make an informed decision. As we do not publish the article on gemstones, it will help us get traffic from this niche. Therefore, the Write For Us + Gemstone Blog has something for each player involved.

Benefits to the contributors:

  • The writer will get thousands of visitors for their posts as they are a regular audience on our website.
  • They can share their knowledge and ideas with a global audience.
  • A contributor can check the performance of their post by analyzing different metrics.
  • An informative article by the gemstone portal will create goodwill among readers.
  • Gemstone bloggers can expect quality suggestions from readers.

Type of content Accepted by our website:

  • We accept unique content published for the first time in digital space.
  • A well-researched content backed by facts and figures with supportive links.
  • Gemstone Blog “”Write For Us”” will not accept topics outside the gemstone industry.
  • We accept an informative articles that readers look for online to fulfill their different needs.
  • The company should not share any promotional articles for publication.
  • We welcome high-quality, informative articles.

Guidelines for Writing Guest post content:

These guidelines are essential for writers, bloggers, and experts interested in writing the gemstone guest post. 

  • The article should be unique and free from any plagiarism.
  • Article submitted to us for the guest post should not be shared on any other digital platform,
  • Contributors should acquaint themselves with SEO guidelines of the search engine and develop Write For Us + “”Gemstone Blog”” article accordingly.
  • The title chosen for the content should be able to grab the reader’s attention.
  • The minimum length of the article should be 1000 words. 
  • The links used for writing the content should not have a spam score of more than 2-3%.
  • The contributor should use a standard grammatical tool and maintain a grammar score of 100.
  • Heading and subheadings should contain relevant content under it.
  • Writers are expected to make 90% of the content in active voice, and passive voice should be avoided.
  • Two links should be attached to the article at a suitable place.
  • Content for Write for Us Gemstone post should be based on gemstone topics.
  • The article should have a high readability score.
  • SEO-friendly articles will have a greater chance of ranking high.

Topics that can be covered under Gemstone guest post:

  • Gemstone for bridal and wedding occasions.
  • Topics covering facts related to the gemstone.
  • The technology involved in Gemstone Industry.
  • Buying Guides for gemstone customers.
  • How to care for gemstones.
  • Events related to the gemstone industry.

How to apply for the gemstone guest post?

Bloggers, writers, and experts interested in writing gemstone guest posts can contact us at team2022.hastebc@gmail.com.


Gemstone experts and writers can contribute    to the Write for Us Gemstone guest post and share their knowledge and ideas with thousands of visitors coming on the Hastebc Org website. People facing any difficulty related to gemstone guest posts can contact our team at the above-given mail or share their queries in the comment section.

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