Is Broswear Legit (Mar 2021) Is This A Reliable Site?

Is Broswear Legit (July 2021) Is This A Reliable Site

Is Broswear Legit (Mar 2021) Is This A Reliable Site? >> The article has exhaustive details about the shop selling men’s apparel and claims to be the best friend in terms of clothing.

Are you tired of searching for trendy t-shirts for your brother, male friend, or spouse? Then, here in the article, you’ll get to know about a new site. Stay connected.

Today, the article will check – Is Broswear Legit and introduce you to this site – Broswear. People from the United States and more countries are so worried about scandalous websites.

This article has been brought to solve those and help you identify the fraud websites. Keep reading

Indicating points to determine if the site is scandalous or not

  •  Age of Domain – The domain is created just one month and six days ago, which is not much old. It can be highly suspicious. A young site is not trustworthy.
  •  Trust Score – The trust score has a 1% of confidence rate for the portal.
  • Customer  Broswear Reviews– no reviews for the site and their products are found.
  • Ranking – the ranking of the site for popularity is just #924,910
  • Plagiarized Content – the content of the website is 76% plagiarized from more than 15+ websites.
  • Policies – the content in the policies looks fine, but these are also copied.
  • Address – the address detected shows another place of shopping instead of the company.
  • Social Media Accounts – the company has social media handles like Facebook, Pinterest, etc.
  • Owner’s information – any information about the owner of their site is not found while looking –Is Broswear Legit
  • Unrealistic discounts – the site has so many shady and unfair deals.

The above pointers majorly look suspicious; to get the exact answer to stay connected with the article.

What is the Broswear Site?

The company is an e-commerce website that sells apparel for men; the prints are unique and creative at the same time. The company claims to be your best friend; also, they claim to keep the best clothing for you.

The company also claims to have the best and creative clothing for men. These things are found while researching on – Is Broswear Legit. They want to keep the focus on fashion, customer services, and uniqueness.

Specifications of Site

  • Domain Creation– the site has been created on 06 January 2021
  • Website link-
  • Products – trendy outfits and clothing like plaid pants, t-shirts, shirts, gym vests, etc.
  • Email –
  • Address – Room 501, No. 49 Dongyue 2nd Road, Siming District, Xiamen, Fujian ( it is not their returning address)
  • Contact number – you can contact them on – +86-21-31477817
  • Payment Modes – The Company claims to have PayPal, VISA, Master card, etc.
  • Return Policy – The Company gives a return policy of 15 days.
  • Refund Policy – the specific time is 15 days while researching for-  Is Broswear Legit.
  • Exchange Policy – it gives 15 days.
  • Shipping and Delivery Policy – it takes 7-15 business days for shipping.
  • Social Media icons Presence – yes, icons are present.


  • The company has creative and stylish apparel.
  • The site is not blocklisted yet on the internet.


  • The company has low trust in the portal and confidence showing on the portal.
  • The site is not even two months old, which can be of high risk.
  • They offer multiple icons for social media presence but doesn’t have any likes or comments on them.
  • The company provides PayPal as their payment method but contradicts the icons shown on the browser.
  • The company has copied the address of Walmart.

Here Are the Customer Broswear Reviews

After seeing the only payment method of PayPal, If you are looking for reviews, then you won’t be able to find any on the site.

You can instead look at reviews. This company has a high chance of being a scandalous website as reviews are one source for finding it trustworthy. But the site neither has any reviews on the products nor on their website; in fact, does the social media handle have some followers but hardly any likes or comments.


In the final verdict of the article – Is Broswear Legit. The site is highly dubious. The reason for suspicion on the site is because of the low trust rating, an inferior rank of the site, and false claims for their address.

Have you bought any t-shirt from their site? Comment below –

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6 Comments on “Is Broswear Legit (Mar 2021) Is This A Reliable Site?”

  1. Yes its a scam they are not refunding my money back i emailed them and they told me that I should keep the order and that the manager was not going to agree with refunding my mone

  2. Absolute shit qualitiy of clothing. They do not answer their phones or cutomyer service email. So do not expect to be able to return. I am filing a complaint with my credit card to try and get my money back for items because I can’t get ahold of anyone to initate a return which its stated on their website you have 14 days. I have been trying to get ahold of them via email and phone for 1 month. TOTAL SCAM, STAY AWAY!

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