Option Lab – Unleashing Potential With Science and Wheels

Option Lab - Unleashing Potential With Science and Wheels

Option Lab: Pioneering Innovation in Wheel Technology

You’re not just rolling along – you’re exploring the science of wheels! Wheels are an amazing invention that have unlocked incredible potential for humankind. Yet we often take them for granted in our daily lives. That’s where Option Lab comes in. They’re on a mission to unleash the power of wheels for all of us by combining science, innovation, and fun. With customized wheels, adapted vehicles, and a passion for empowering people, Option Lab helps us see wheels in a whole new light. So buckle up and get ready to see where wheels can take you. Option Lab is revving up a revolution to show us the true potential of these circular marvels. Let’s go for a spin and discover the freedom wheels provide when science and imagination come together!

How Option Lab Uses Science to Unlock Performance

A Legacy of Problem-Solving

For over 20 years, Option Lab has pushed the boundaries of wheel design and engineering. Their mission is simple: create wheels that unlock human potential. Whether it’s revolutionizing how we move over land, sea or air, Option Lab is dedicated to building the wheels of tomorrow.  

Pushing the Limits of Physics

Option Lab’s team of physicists, engineers and designers work together to turn abstract theories into tangible technologies. By studying how nature has evolved wheels, like the bacterial flagellum, they gain insights that lead to breakthroughs in efficiency, durability and performance. The results are wheels that seem to defy physics, like their omni-directional wheels that move in every direction or their morphing wheels that change shape on demand.  

Empowering People in Motion

While Option Lab is pioneering innovation at the highest levels of science, their work is really about empowering people. Their wheels are designed to overcome obstacles, expand access and push human potential. Whether it’s wheels for a 100-mile wheelchair race through the desert or sailboat wheels that can traverse the ocean, Option Lab’s mission is using the power of wheels to empower the human spirit.  

Option Lab may be building the wheels of tomorrow, but their vision is really about unleashing the potential of today – one revolution at a time. By combining a legacy of problem-solving with a passion for human progress, Option Lab rolls on the cutting edge of wheel technology to open up new horizons of what’s possible in motion.

Frequently Asked Questions About Option Lab Wheels

Custom Wheel Design

At Option Lab, they believe the wheel is the interface between your vehicle and the road. To unlock maximum performance, the wheel must be purpose-built for your vehicle and driving style. Using advanced engineering software, Option Lab designs custom wheels with the perfect fitment, offset, and load rating for your car. 

Advanced Materials

Carbon fiber. Forged aluminum. Magnesium. Option Lab uses the latest high-tech materials to create wheels that are lightweight yet extremely durable. Lighter wheels mean better acceleration, handling, and braking. Option Lab’s custom wheels can reduce up to 50% of the weight of your stock wheels, unleashing your vehicle’s true potential.

Precision Craftsmanship

Option Lab’s custom wheels are manufactured using state-of-the-art CNC machining and hand-finished by master craftsmen. Each wheel undergoes a multi-stage polishing and coating process to achieve a mirror-like finish. The end result is a wheel that not only maximizes performance but is also a work of art.  

Option Lab has revolutionized the wheel industry by applying advanced science and technology to unlock hidden performance in vehicles.  Whether you drive a sports car, luxury sedan, or SUV, custom wheels from Option Lab can transform your vehicle’s handling, braking, and acceleration to heights never before possible. Experience the difference handcrafted, high-tech wheels can make. At Option Lab, they’re unleashing potential through science and wheels.

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