Do Not Sell My Personal Information – Read Details Here

Please go through this account to learn about Do Not Sell My Personal Information and the method of opting out of the so-called “sale” as per CCPA.

We do not sell your personal information to execute any monetary transactions. We use your personal information to tailor the advertisements that you see on our portal. This is done so that you can have a better browsing experience. 

The personal information we use is not linked to your identity details. It comprises the data about the browsers and devices you use. We comprehend your interests based on your browser’s search queries. Accordingly, you see tailored ads on our website to match your interests. 

We at Hastebc work meticulously to leverage the content you view on our website. We want our readers to view ads that are relevant to their needs. Thus, we use your personal information regarding your devices and browsers to meet this requirement. 

According to The California Consumer Privacy Act (CCPA), such use of personal information is considered as a “sale” of data. Although there is no money or monetary transaction involved, CCPA considers the handing over of browsing data as a “sale” of personal information. This type of data usage is mainly termed a “sale” when utilized for commercial purposes by a third-party organization. 

If you do not want your details regarding the devices and browsers you use to be “sold”, you can opt-out from this phenomenon, complying with CCPA. Please refer to the next section to learn how to stop your personal information from being used for tailoring ads, 

We would like to mention that your opting-out from this data usage does not guarantee the stoppage of seeing ads. You shall still be viewing ads when you access our website. Moreover, these ads may still be of your suitable interest. This can happen as advertisement preferences are connected to various other technologies concerning your search engine.

How to Opt-Out?

If you do not want us to “sell” your personal information, i.e., use it for tailoring the ads you view here, please follow the mentioned instructions.

  • Please visit this link from each of your devices and browsers and click on the check-box or toggle concerning opting-out.
  • You can also mail to us for any queries, and our team shall guide you with the procedure.