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About General Information Write For Us + Crypto Blog

The article discusses the basic rules and regulations on Start Write For Us + “Crypto Blog” and gives an idea of the writers’ benefits.

Do you know how cryptocurrency is getting space day by day? Many investors, buyers and financial experts read cryptocurrency blogs and guest blogs. Due to this reason, many organizations that deal in cryptocurrency want to educate buyers on cryptocurrency. For this reason, they need blogs, articles, and news.

For this reason, we have an excellent opportunity for you. Work as a content contributor for Write For Us + “Crypto Blog“. 

Who are we? 

We are a famous and designated entity in content marketing. Our portal name is HastebcWe provide and publish content on various subjects. Cryptocurrency is one of them. If you check our portal, you will find that daily, we publish many news items, reviews, articles, and guest blogs.

We need experienced writers who can contribute content to this niche for this particular segment. As a reputed organization, we welcome content contributors. They can become a writer on cryptocurrency and can share the content with us. 

How to Apply for Crypto Write for Us

We are a popular entity in the content writing sector. We received tons of applications daily. But due to unprofessional applications, we are bound to reject maximum applications. We maintain specific rules for the applications. We also need some expertise on this good topic. For this reason, our request is kindly read out the application rules before you send the application. 

Writing on cryptocurrency is not easy; one should know this subject. We expect our writers to see the topic or learn the issue before starting the report. The writers should know the basic format of the writings.

Trending SEO Rules for Write For Us + Crypto Blog

Please note maintaining SEO rules is a must in the content. Note the modern SEO rules and apply them to the content. 

  1. Language should be easy, simple, loud and clear.
  2. The writers maintain a grammar score of at least 99 plus.
  3. The spam score of the content doesn’t cross 3 per cent.
  4. The writers need to maintain the keywords stratification as per the guidelines. The writers need to use primary keywords in the introduction and conclusion. They can use secondary keywords in the content body between 90-100 words.
  5. We only take content that is 100 per cent plagiarism-free and original content.


For Crypto Blog “Write For Us, Hastebc receives significant traffic daily. If you write for us, you will get at least 1000 plus readers daily. Later the number of readers will increase. 

Using our defined keywords for Search Engine Optimization leads your content to a high “SERP” position. It will help the writers grow more. 

Submission Rules 

We request them to send the content to our registered email id: braydenwilson763@gmail.com. Our editors will check your content. After successful evaluation, our team will inform you within 24 hours. Hastebc will enjoy full copy and ownership of the published content. 


Start sharing Write For Us Crypto Blog Guest Post and start your content writing career as soon as possible. We have already discussed the basic rules, regulations and format of the content writing for our company. 

Now, it is your turn. We help writers in each sector of this trade. You also note the data cryptocurrency by clicking this link

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