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This article is about Write for Us Cats, which will guide you to write a guest post. You can read more on this.

Are you looking forward to writing a guest post for Hastebc? Are you eager to know about the topics covered by Hastebc? This platform will provide young and talented writers an opportunity to publish their content to upgrade their careers in writing. By publishing the article on this platform, writers can show their skills and knowledge by writing for Write for Us Cats.

If you are also eager to show your skill and talent, you can send your article to this platform. But, before submitting an article, you will have to be aware of the guidelines and instructions.

About Hastebc

This platform publishes various articles and reviews of the website to keep the readers updated. Since websites are filled with various scams, the platform aims to make the readers aware of the website’s legitimacy. The platform also publishes news articles to keep the readers updated about events. The website also publishes articles on health, gaming tips, technology, travel, news and money. Now Hastebc provides young writers to send the Write For Us Cats Blog Guest Post article.

Guidelines to Submit the Article

If you want to show your writing skills and promote your writing on Hastebc, you can send your article to publish as a guest post. But you will have to follow some rules before sending the article. You will have to write the content as per the guidelines specified by the platform. Check the rules mentioned below.

  • The word limit of an article should be more than 1000 words.
  • The content should be free from error and plagiarism.
  • The title should resemble the content of the article. The title should also be attractive and eye-catchy while sending the article for Write For Us + Cats Blog
  • The content of the article should be simple but informative. It should be written in simple language.
  • You should write content that has a good readability score. Everyone should understand the content.
  • The article should not have any grammatical errors or spelling mistakes.
  • It would help if you did proper research while gathering the information. It should be of high-quality content.
  • The content you have written should not have been published on another platform.
  • Avoid writing topics that are not similar to the topics published on the platform.
  • The content should not be similar to other publishers.

Benefits of sending for Write for Us Cats

If you want to improve your writing career, sending a guest post for Hastebc can be an ideal option. By sending your article to this platform, you can avail yourself of many benefits, including exposure at the global level. You will also avail of other benefits which have been mentioned below.

  • Your writing will get exposure among global readers.
  • You will get noticed by global publishers, which will allow you to grab more chance.
  • You will also learn many things associated with the field of writing from the team of experts.

Topics to Write for the Guest Post

If you want to send the article for Cats Blog “Write For Us” you will have to cover the contents related to cats. The platform covers many travels, technology, gaming and news topics. The article may include any content associated with the cat and its kitten. The content of the articles may be like the following topics:

  • How to feed the cats
  • The nutrition required for cats
  • Different types of cats 

To write content on the above topics, you should do proper research. Try to create engaging and SEO-friendly content.

How to Send the Article?

To send the article for Write For Us + “Cats Blog” you must mail team2022.hastebc@gmail.com.

After receiving your article, the team of experts will review your article to check whether it has been written by following all the required instruction. If your article is per the guidelines, it will be published on the website. You will be informed if your article gets published. But the team of experts will have to be satisfied with your writing skill. 


You must follow all the guidelines strictly so your article gets approved and published on the platform. You can get an identity globally if you send an article for Write for Us CatsIf you are waiting to know about cats, you can click  

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