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About General Information Write For Us + Bitcoin Blog

Read the blog carefully for details about guest posting if you are a writer or a reader and other stuff related to writing Write For Us + “Bitcoin Blog“.

Are you a person who is always very interested in market conditions and trends and constantly looks up the market’s bitcoins or tokens coins demand and wants to write about it? Guest Post provides an opportunity for writers who want to write about different titles of their choice.

Certain conditions you need to follow before writing Write For Us + “Bitcoin Blog and other details related to contact or benefits are given in the blog. 

Details in brief:  

Our team is constantly working hard for the readers to give them very genuine and authentic information, mainly in the three major areas that are:

  • Product or website reviews – Our portal researches products and websites to determine whether they are legit. 
  • News- We are constantly searching for the world’s happenings to communicate with you the same. 
  • Bitcoins- We check the market trends regularly and inform you of the investment protocols in bitcoin and other currencies. 

Guidelines to follow while writing Bitcoin Write for Us

  • The article’s word limit should be between 500 to 1000 words; no grammar mistakes should be there, and also it is to be written from scratch without any copied content and with a spam percentage of not more than 3%.
  • External link attachments are necessary for the article with proper highlighting and bold after completing the 80% write-up, and the keyword density should be between 0.75%-1percent.
  • In the blog, there should be appropriate heads, and subheads included. Aside from the knowledge and valuable aspect, no extra lines should be added to the post. 
  • In the Write For Us Bitcoin Blog Guest Postno aggressive and impulsive language and words relating to any religion should be used. 

Pros of the Guest post platform 

  • You don’t have to worry about collecting traffic as our site regularly has more than 10000 readers, writers will get an already targeted audience.
  • Your post would get a high SERP rank if it were informative to readers. 
  • As a business owner, if you even write one blog on a guest post, it will remain for a long time generating traffic. 
  • You can also try out different categories and niches to attract readers. 
  • Write For Us + Bitcoin Blog is an SEO-based keyword that will be readily available to readers. 

How to reach us? 

To contact us, you must write a post on the topic you want to discuss after complying with the contents provided in the article along with the instructions to follow, and then mail it to us at braydenwilson763@gmail.com.

We look forward to working with some remarkable new talents who have fresh ideas and thoughts to share, and if you have any more queries, contact us at the same email address. 


To write a guest post on Bitcoin Blog “Write For Us”you must keep the details about guidelines, pros and contact info and then start writing about bitcoins and other digital coins to save your hard work from being rejected by our team. 

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