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About General Information Instagram Write For Us

The Instagram Write for Us helps the readers to acquire knowledge on the topics that can be included in this guest post. Kindly read.

Do you use Instagram? How well do you know about this application? If you know it very well, you can share your thoughts with other readers who do not know much about this application. The Hastebc platform gives you a chance to write on Instagram Write for Us. This page features the post of all the talented writers who work hard to earn a name in this field. Kindly read this post if you do not know much about our policies.

How does Hastebc work?

We are a multi-functional online website that aims to provide as much knowledge as possible to readers. The readers can learn about various topics such as sports, entertainment, education, technology, mutual funds, investment, bank, website reviews, health, lifestyle, product reviews, bitcoin, etc. There are multiple grounds on which we work. We also accept posts from beginners or any ghostwriter who desires to work.

Rules for the Write For Us Instagram Guest Post

Instagram is a well-known application, and nowadays, every second person uses it. So, you have good knowledge of it. But, being overconfident can be risky. You should go through the guidelines of Hastebc so that it will help you in avoiding any mistakes.

  • Our page does not accept write-ups having a spam rate of more than 2-3 percent on an external link.
  • The writers usually make lengthy paragraphs. This is recommended to you that you must make short stanzas. 
  • One must check the grammar score. You can use free online tools or premium tools to check grammar errors.
  • You should try to inform others about the relevant facts on Write For Us + Instagram. If you acquire true knowledge, then only you should write for us.
  • The readers must prepare write-ups by themselves. It should not show any plagiarism score. 
  • Kindly highlight the headings of the article. It will attract more readers if you have added extra attractive features like bullets, numbering, arrows, etc.
  • Keywords are important to be highlighted properly. These are the main focus of the content. 
  • Any vulgar language must be avoided. It is against our policy to write any hateful content on the write-ups.
  • You cannot publicize the content until we publish it on our website. 

What topics can you write on?

  • Write For Us + “Instagram”
  • Origin of Instagram
  • History of Instagram
  • Who invented Instagram?
  • Features of Instagram
  • How to make Instagram Reels?
  • How To Edit Videos on Instagram?
  • Live Feature of Instagram

There can be unlimited topics that you can search for on Instagram, as it is one of the most popular applications among influencers. So, you must choose topics that help the readers, like you can tell them how to install videos from Instagram. Your motive should be to help others.

Who can send guest posts on Instagram?

Our page works with hundreds of experts to help others. We welcome all the writers to share a guest post on Instagram “Write For Us” and make your identity. If you want to keep your name confidential, you can also work as a ghostwriter. Furthermore, if you are an influencer, a student, a teacher, a part-time worker, a lawyer, etc., you are free to write on this project. We will be glad if you have shown interest in our page. You can join us if you can research web sources on Instagram and write meaningful and informative content.

Where to send guest posts?

Our experts are available 24/7 to help needy writers who face trouble at any step. If you are willing to send Instagram Write for Us, you can email it to:

We will respond to the sender within 24 hours maximum. Our team may have a workload due to which they cannot respond simultaneously. But, we always try to revert to you within a day. So, kindly be patient. If you have any queries, you can also mail and ask queries. Our team will be grateful if they will help you.


Wrapping up this post, we have mentioned some ideas for writing a guest post on Instagram. You can check out some valuable guidelines to help write the Instagram Write for Us. If you are eligible after reading the eligibility criteria and want to learn under the expertise of the experts, you can send your guest post, and we will help you rectify your errors.

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