Do You Know the Way to Repair Corrupt SQL Database?

Do You Know the Way to Repair Corrupt SQL Database

Are you having a problem retrieving your data stored in a relational database? It usually happens when the SQL gets corrupted. Do you know the perfect way to fix your corrupt SQL database? If not, then this article is all you need to go through. One can store and retrieve the data by fixing their SQL. There are some simple ways to improve your SQL.

In today’s article, we will cover all the details about how to repair corrupt SQL database. For more updates, follow the blog below.

Methods to fix the corrupt SQL:

SQL is essential in retrieving, storing and accessing data present in the RDBMS. The SQL fails to interpret such tasks if they get corrupted. At the same time, numerous methods exist to fix such corrupted SQL. But it could be a difficult task for one who does not know how to improve it. 

There are two possible manual ways to fix the corrupted SQL:

  • The database can be retrieved using the Log files (LDF) used in the SQL server.
  • The commands used in the database console can be another way to fix the SQL. The commands include DBCC, DBREPAIR and DBCC CHECKDB.

Besides such manual methods one can also go for the software method by using SQL Database Repair Tool.

Detailing the Manual ways to fix the database corruption:

The corrupt database can be fixed with the correct method. However, it may be a bit difficult for one with no idea how to fix the corruption. Listing down two situations which offer to fix corrupt database files manually:

Case 1: Repair Database in the SQL server:

The situation suits when problems arise while the recovery process is on. In such a case, there is no damage to the SQL server database. It might be due to some glitches in system resources and files. The reason it shows that the SQL database is not available. 

To repair corrupt SQL database, all you need is to get out of the present database and again enter the present database with the help of a T-SQL query.

Case 2: Repair database marked as damaged or suspect:

In this situation, the SQL database remains unavailable due to damage to the group of primary files. One can use the DBCC Check Command to repair the suspected database.

To get the procedure, follow the steps listed below:

STEP1: Turn on the emergency mode for the suspected database:

This method offers its users read-only permission to the database. At the same time, the emergency mode can also be turned on only by the Sys-admin members. 

STEP2: Observe the level of damage to repair corrupt SQL database:

One can analyze the glitches by running the DBCC CHECKDB query to fix the level of damage.

STEP3: Carry out a Fixing command:

To fix the database, one can use the repair methods offered by the DBCC CHECKDB.   

However, the above-mentioned methods may prove ineffective as they are only helpful for minor corruption. So a robust software is always needed to fix such damage or corruption.

Using the software method to recover the database damage:

The manual method stated above does not provide a sure shot of success in repairing the damaged database. So in such cases relying on software methods will always prove effective. One can take the help of SQL Database Repair Tool. Using it may be the most effective way to fix the corrupt database. It resolves all major and minor damage to the database, thereby recovering all the elements of SQL Database such as tables, rules, functions, etc.

Situations in which the SQL repair tool will be effective are:

CASE1: Failing to repair DBCC CHECKDB consistency Errors:

It is essential to repair the errors quickly once the DBCC CHECKDB indicates consistency errors. You need to use the updated backup copy to recover the database. If one fails to recover from the backup copy, using DBCC CHECKDB along with ‘REPAIR_ALLOW_DATA_LOSS’ may be effective, but it may result in data loss. In such a scenario, the stellar repairing tool will be adequate to repair corrupt SQL database along with the consistency error.

CASE2: In case the MDF Header gets Corrupted:

If you encounter a corruption of the MDF file header, it will show an error of 5172. This damage may happen due to abrupt SQL server reboot, faulty drivers, etc. Such corruption of the MDF file header may lead to the inaccessibility of the database file. The tool offered by stellar can quickly resolve this problem by fixing the MDF file header.

CASE3: When there is a requirement to repair the corrupted index of the SQL server database:

There can be damage in clustered and non-clustered indexes. Such corruption can result in missing entries and quarry result mistakes. Using the repair tool offered by stellar can be an effective way to repair the corruption in indexes. Moreover, it also recovers all the components of the SQL database, including clustered and non-clustered.

Summing up:

It is possible to repair corrupt SQL database using manual and software methods depending on the situation. This article shares details about the plans to repair the corrupt SQL database.

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