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Gaming Tips What Time Traveling Merchant Spawn In Philippines

What Time Traveling Merchant Spawn In Philippines? Read this below article to garb authentic and updated information regarding this matter and much more.

Did you play Pet Simulator X? Are you a die-hard fan of this game? If yes, you probably heard about the merchant spawn. However, do you know what the Traveling Merchant Spawn is? If you still have no clear knowledge about it, reading the blog is recommended.

Traveling Merchant Spawn has gone viral in the Philippines, and the regular gamers of Pet Simulator X, as well as non-gamers, are pretty curious about know- What Time Traveling Merchant Spawn In Philippines

Let’s give you an accurate idea about it.

What is the Pet Simulator X game?

Pet simulator X is the game available on the Roblox platform. This game is considered an answer to the pokemon game. After getting launched, the game has created a huge sensation in the gaming world. The game can be played free on Roblox, which is again the most popular gaming platform at present.

Roblox is a digital video-gaming media, possessing a number of different genres of games with free aces. While checking information regarding ‘What Time Traveling Merchant Spawn In Philippines,’ we found this platform hasn’t only gained fame because of the game variety. Still, it also gives gamers access to develop games and share them on this platform.

Introduction of Traveling Merchant:

For those who are not familiar with the ‘Traveling Merchant’ name- it’s the shop, which had been introduced 4th September 2021, at biome location. While playing the game, you can observe a chat message at the server, which displays that traveling merchants have arrived. The game became more popular after adding this interesting gaming feature. Let’s know more about it.

What Time Traveling Merchant Spawn In Philippines?

The main location of this shop is in ‘Spawn world at Shop & Trading Plaza’ in the game. The shop stays at its location not for so long. According to the game wiki, merchants come and stay around 20 minutes to hours in that shop. 

There is no fixed time of the merchant arriving; it’s totally random. After arriving the merchants in the shop, it stays a minimum of 10 mins and before departing it gives you a chance to receive 3 different kinds of pets.

What pets can be obtained from traveling merchant shops?

Fetching more information about the ‘What Time Traveling Merchant Spawn In Philippines‘ we found, the merchant comes to the shop to provide gamers with 3 different types of pets such as golden, normal, and rainbow variation. The game wiki details say that these pets are equal or better to their partners. But, the pets are available in random versions so, there is no prediction that you only get golden or rainbow variations.

Final Conclusion:

The Pet Simulator X is one of the most appreciated games on the Roblox platform. Now, the game gained more fans after introducing the traveling merchant feature. We hope you get thorough information about ‘What Time Traveling Merchant Spawn In Philippines.’ Still, do you want to ask anything related to this game? Please mention below.

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