Weddle Guessing Game {April 2022} Get Absolute Details!

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Please peruse this composition to learn about the Weddle Guessing Game, which involves guessing NFL players correctly and is a spin-off version of Wordle.

Are you a sports enthusiast? Do you love collecting information about popular players? Are you especially interested in football? Then, you will surely like to know about a guessing game based on this sport.

In this article, we have talked about an online platform that deals with guessing NFL players. People from various countries, like the United States and Canada, are eager to know the gameplay. Thus, please read till the end to get all the essential information about the Weddle Guessing Game. 

What is Weddle?

Weddle is an online challenge-based game where players need to guess the name of the National Football League sportsperson. This game is one of the spin-off versions of the highly popular word-guessing game called Wordle. The developers named Weddle after Eric Weddle, a distinguished NFL player who played in the safety defense position. 

The game follows a similar color-coding method as Wordle, with few changes. Players need to follow the colored hints and guess the name correctly in minimum attempts. The maximum number of tries to each Weddle game is ten in the normal mode. 

Is Weddle Unlimited Game?

According to the game’s portal, the team provides new players on the menu each day. It implies when the time is 12 midnight on your device, a new Weddle will be available. In this aspect, the game is not unlimited, as players can play only one Weddle daily. 

However, there are no charges to play this game, and in that sense, it is unlimited, implying free of cost. Furthermore, players can play the hard mode having ten attempts after they have completed the day’s normal mode.  

How to Play the Weddle Nfl Guessing Game?

To begin the game, players have to make a random guess from the list of NFL players on the menu. The list is an arbitrary selection by the system each day. After clicking the first guess, that player’s statistics will display in a row along with the colored hints. 

The attributes are team, division, position, height, age, and ranking. If any block is green, it implies that the feature matches with the correct player. If the feature has no color, it denotes that the feature does not match. 

The yellow-colored block in the Weddle Guessing Game signifies two implications. If any physical feature is marked yellow, it depicts that the difference between the correct answer and the guessed entry is two. For instance, if the height is yellow-colored, the correct player’s height is two inches away from the guessed player’s height. Secondly, if the division is marked yellow, the player is in that conference but not that division. 

Which NFL Players Does Weddle Include? 

In the normal mode, the game involves a present fantasy NFL player, and the hard mode incorporates current players in any position. 

Conclusion About the Weddle Guessing Game

Similar to all the by-products of Wordle, Weddle is also gaining rapid fame. It is evident from the social media response that users have appreciated it largely. The team also proactively handles the Twitter page of Weddle to inform about the game’s updates.

Did you play any Weddle? What was your best winning streak? Please share with us below.

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