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Read details of how a Walgreens Employee Murders Coworker and about police looking for more information and witnesses via Crime Stoppers Tip Line.

Did you know why a memorial is arranged at the Walgreens store in Colorado Springs, United States? Did you know why people are offering flowers and tributes at Walgreens in Colorado Springs? Did you come across the public statement by the Colorado Springs Police Department on 13th June 2022? 

The police did not publicly conclude about the accused person, and they are still investigating the Walgreens Employee Murders Coworker incident.

About the murder incident:

Note: we do not support/oppose any accused/victim of this incident (or) any specific business store. We are trying to provide information available from various sources on the internet.

The news about the murder of Riley Whitelaw, a 17-years, was reported on various news channels, including Fox News, KKTV, WSFA, New York Post, NBC, etc. The news was reported on 16th June 2022. It was revealed that on Saturday, 11th June 2022, Riley Whitelaw was found murdered in the break room. It was suspected that a Walgreens Employee Kills Coworker.

Approximately between 6:55 PM – 7:00 PM, the manager called 911 and reported that Whitelaw was found dead on the break room floor, with blood all over. The initial investigation by police found wounds on Whitelaw’s neck, blood around her head, a radio earpiece and an ID batch near her legs.

Initial findings of the investigation:

Whitelaw’s manager informed police that a few months ago, Whitelaw had reported that her co-worker Joshua Taylor Johnson (28 years old) was making unwanted romantic advances toward her, and she felt uncomfortable. Could this be the reason why Walgreens Worker Killed? Whitelaw requested her manager for a different shift to avoid working with Johnson. 

Whitelaw’s request was acknowledged. However, a few days later, she requested extra work hours. Her manager informed her that she had to work with Johnson if she worked extra hours. At the same time, Whitelaw’s close friend also started his job at the same store.

One of the co-workers informed police that Johnson was jealous of Whitelaw’s close friend. On 11th June 2022, Johnson had placed boxes in the break room, blocking the camera view. Additionally, he had tapped the windows. 

Clauses on Walgreens Employee Murders Coworker:

Another manager reported that she found the sign of ‘restroom closed’, which was unusual during working hours. The manager tried to open the door, but she heard a male voice saying he was changing. Further, she sensed a strong bleach odour in the dust bin, which was found by the police.


The police found Johnson 20 minutes away from Colorado Springs at Interstate-25 with scratches on his face and hands. Johnson said that he was attacked at the store, fell in the restroom, and changed his clothes. Johnson said he had a crush on Whitelaw, but later, he was intimate with another manager, who did not mention about any relationship.

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