Selling Secondhand on Amazon: Lessons Learned from Successful Sellers

Selling Secondhand on Amazon Lessons Learned from Successful Sellers

Selling secondhand products on a platform like Amazon is a great form of making some extra money, only if you can do your research properly and follow the proper steps to sell secondhand products.

With a vast audience (3x more than eBay’s audience base, Amazon presents more options for all types of sellers around the world. No matter if you are selling secondhand Amazon products or you are selling firsthand products, Amazon has choices for all sellers.

However, as soon as it comes to specifically selling secondhand products, many of you might think that eBay is the best bet because of its better conversion rate with buyers searching for secondhand products.

Eventually, what matter the most to get success is how well you understand the platforms as well as how they work – so take as much time as you need to research everything about which platform is best to suit you before you make any decisions!

Certainly, in case you are searching for ways to master your online selling experiences from a side hustle status or hobby into something further meaningful, the Zonbase research tool is a great tool to understand the platform and scale your business even with secondhand products.

Let’s now learn what the experienced successful sellers are saying about selling secondhand products on Amazon.

Unacceptable/Prohibited Secondhand Items To Sale on Amazon

As per the experienced successful sellers’ experience, we have come to know that on Amazon, a few products are prohibited or unacceptable for listing. Here are the conditions applied by Amazon for a few specific products. 

  • The product isn’t clean as well as has signs of corrosion, mold, or even heavy staining.
  • The product is missing vital accompanying materials or parts (instructions aren’t necessarily comprised in this).
  • Item doesn’t work properly in every respect.
  • The products require repair service.
  • Any part is obscured as well as can’t be read because of markings, stickers, labels, or other damages.
  • The product is damaged which makes the product difficult to use.
  • Item was initially allocated as a promotional aspect, product sample, advance reading copy, or promotional copy (that includes uncorrected proofs of not-yet-published or in-print books).
  • The product has expired (including ‘sell by’ and ‘best by’ dates), also has had the expiry date tampered with or removed, or has an inappropriate portion of the remaining shelf life.
  • Item is banned from sale on Amazon.
  • The product is banned by the vendor, supplier, retailer, or the manufacturer
  • Item wasn’t made by the original manufacturer or the original copyright holder (this includes replicas, copies, counterfeits, and imitations).

How to Sell Secondhand Products on Amazon?

Now as you know which items are prohibited, you are prepared to sell your used products on Amazon! Listing a product on Amazon takes only a simple 10-step strategy, even in case that product is a secondhand one. Simply follow the subsequent steps to publish a new item listing on Amazon via your Amazon account. Follow these steps:

How to List Secondhand Items on Amazon

Here are the basic steps to list your secondhand products on Amazon.

  1. Log in to the Amazon seller account
  2. Now search for the product you would like to sell on Amazon
  3. Record the ASIN (Amazon Standard Identification Number)
  4. In Seller Central, you need to click on the “Manage Inventory” option and, then choose the “Add Product” option
  5. Enter the item’s ASIN
  6. Choose the appropriate product condition (Used – Like New or Open Box, Used – Very Good, Used – Good, Used – Acceptable, Amazon Renewed) from the given drop-down option
  7. Then select the “Sell this product” button
  8. Fill in the condition, price, and also fulfillment fields on the Offer page
  9. Now add the condition as required
  10. List your product 

As you now can see that getting started with the Amazon marketplace is way easier than ever. And thanks to the resources like Zonbase you’ve got at your rescue. Zonbase is committed to offering you all the help and details you need to thrive as an Amazon seller, if you are selling secondhand products or opening an FBA (Fulfilled by Amazon) store.

Zonbase has even got a community forum. There you can contact other successful Amazon sellers as well as get practical advice. In case you wish to start as an Amazon seller now, check out Zonbase to get the assistance you need to become successful.

Categories For Selling Secondhand Products On Amazon

Amazon allows you to sell used products on its platform but only permits certain types to be documented as ‘used’. There’s a good reason for this. And Amazon just wants to confirm that the items sold on its site are safe, genuine, and also meet shopper expectations (used or not).

Thus, Amazon has some limitations on what you can sell there. This article describes what products you can sell secondhand, where you can see items to sell, as well as how to list secondhand products for sale.

Below is a list detailing the different categories as well as what conditions you’re permitted to sell an item in each category:

  • Wine, Beer, and Spirits- Only New
  • Clothing- Only New
  • Auto Parts – New, Used, Refurbished, and Collectable
  • Auto Accessory or Automotive – New, Used, Refurbished, and Collectable
  • Beauty Products – Only New
  • Baby Products – Only New
  • Books, Videos, Music, and DVDs – New, Used, Refurbished, and Collectable
  • Consoles And Video Game – New, Used, Refurbished, and Collectable
  • Computing – New, Used, and Refurbished
  • Consumer Electronic – New, Used, and Refurbished
  • DIY & Tools – New, Used, and Refurbished
  • Grocery – Only New
  • Garden & Outdoor – New, Used, and Refurbished
  • Personal Care & Health –  Only New
  • Home and Kitchen appliances – New, Used, and Refurbished
  • Large Appliance – New, Used and Refurbished
  • Lighting – Only Light Bulbs are New otherwise New, Used, and Refurbished
  • Jewellery – Only New 
  • Musical Instrument – New, Used, and Refurbished
  • Office Product – Both New and Used
  • Personal Care Appliance – Only New
  • Pet Supply – Only New
  • Software and PC Game – New, Used, Refurbished, and Collectable
  • Shoes And Accessories – Only New
  • Sporting Items – Only New
  • Toy and Game – New, Used, Refurbished, and Collectable
  • Watch – Only New


If you are looking for a research tool that can help you sell used products on Amazon and earn a handsome profit then Zonbase is the best research tool for you. Contact Zonbase today to become successful!

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