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Go through the Santa Ibjjf Cruz article for truthful information about the famous Ibjjf event held in California.

A piece of essential information for the lovers of Ibjjf event followers. Do you know if the release of the schedule and regulations of the Santa Ibjjf event is coming out? Are you eager to learn about the event’s details and rules, Ibjjf? Then, read the below-written article for truthful information available in one place.

Citizens of the United States are curious to attend the event. The event helps the athletes who are interested in earning different belts. After proper research, we can provide you with news on the event, Santa Ibjjf Cruz.

Santa Cruz International Open 2022

International Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu Federation (Ibjjf) is a company that runs for-profit and hosts tournaments (Bjj) in several countries. Now Kaiser Permanente Arena, 140 front street, Santa Cruz, California, in the U.S, is the venue for the event. Spectators need to reach the stadium earlier for proper frisking and free entrance.

The athlete participating in the championship should reach the stadium one hour before with the gymnasium ready. The official data has an estimated time on Saturday (August 6): 9:30 a.m. On Sunday (August 7): at 9:30 a.m., athletes are urged to get earlier for their fight in Santa Ibjjf Cruz may occur before or be delayed according to circumstance.

Ibjjf release brackets and schedule on August 5. The official site gives information about the age and division in which they are eligible. Let us summarize the table for your convenience right now. Just read the below-written points:

Year of birth and division along with belts.

  • Born in 2006 and 2005, placed under juvenile and eligible for Blue, White and Purple belts.
  • Before and in 2004, placed in grown up and eligible for Black, Brown, Blue, Purple, White.
  • Before 1992 placed in Master 1 and is eligible for Black, Brown, Blue, Purple, and White.

Let us look more at Santa Ibjjf Cruz age division.

  • Born before 1986,1981,1976,1971, placed in Master2, Master 3, Master 4, and Master 5 and eligible for Brown, Blue, Black, Purple and White, respectively.
  • Born before 1966,1961, placed in Master 6, Master 7 and eligible for Blue, Purple, Black, Brown.

Special note to the athlete who has participated in judo and won the black belt, who has an official record of participating in MMA and Olympic Wrestling, are not eligible to fight for the White belt. Athletes who have won 1st,2nd, and 3rd are eligible for the open class bracket. The juvenile who won Purple and Blue belts has two open class divisions.

Santa Ibjjf Cruz

The athlete willing to register for open class must do the process within 15 minutes soon after receiving their medals. Based on the current situation of the pandemic, if the event is cancelled forcefully, all registration fees will refund. The organization is not responsible for the transport and lodging spent by the athletes. The number of registrations is limited for the participants. The athletes must bring a government-proven ID or membership of Ibjjf with them. The official measurement of weight is in Pounds.

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In the Santa Ibjjf Cruz article, we have given the information about the location and rules given by authorities for the athlete who is eager to participate in Ibjjf. Click here for the official Santa Cruz Ibjjf. 

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