How to Choose the Best and Safest Toys for Your Dog

Complete Information About How to Choose the Best and Safest Toys for Your Dog

For dogs, play is just as important as food and other necessities. Dog toys are an effective way to keep your dog’s mental health and temperament balanced and healthy, so it helps to make sure your buddy gets allotted hours of play per day. 

Dog toys may seem easy to get, but the best toy may depend on their breed and character. Before you shop for tennis balls and chew toys, check your dog’s breed and temperament and how their breed plays to ensure you get ones they’re sure to enjoy. 

There are many ways to choose good and safe toys for your buddy:

1. Consider Your Dog’s Characteristics and Living Conditions

Bigger dogs require bigger and much more durable toys due to their size. Energetic dog breeds require tougher and more challenging toys that will engage them. Smaller dogs with smaller teeth and extremities require smaller, gentler playthings. 

In choosing dog toys, take into account your dog’s size, manner of playing and preference, and the environment they will play in. Toys such as frisbees require a wide outdoor space for running, so it might not be suitable for a dog that lives in an apartment without a yard or a garden.  

2. Check The Toys for Safety 

Take note of toys with sharp points and edges, as they might hurt your dog’s gums and skin. Watch out for choking hazards such as small rubber balls and squeeze toys. Avoid toys that are too big. 

Avoid toys with embellishments that might dislodge and end up in your dog’s eyes, nose, and throat. Toys with sharp spikes, loose strings, and glued-on beads might be a choking hazard. 

Keep playtime safe by getting hazard-free toys for your dog. 

3. Get The Right Toy for The Right Activity

Dog toys do more than entertain; they have different types for different purposes, usually classified into three:

  • Active Toys – Active toys are for playing. These toys are to entertain dogs and encourage fun and enjoyment. 
  • Distraction Toys – Distraction toys encourage activity, usually to serve as a cure for boredom or unpleasant moods. 
  • Comfort Toys – Dogs are prone to stress and experience trauma, and comfort toys help give a semblance of care and security. 

These types of toys are easy to spot due to their features. Active toys are durable and can withstand biting, pulling, and throwing. Distraction toys are often edible or have compartments for surprises and treats. Comfort toys are often soft, gentle, and sentimental and can be a small plush toy or a shirt or towel with their owner’s scent. 

Make sure to pick the right toy for the right activity. All three types of toys are essential, and it’s best to have toys of each type available for your dog for a more balanced playtime. 

4. Keep An Eye Out for Unsafe Materials

Many dog toys are made of rawhide, but recent studies show that rawhide can pose a choking hazard and digestion issues once ingested. Other types of plastic, such as BPA, are unsafe for dogs and humans, so steer clear of toys and other products that contain them. 

Make Play Time Fun and Safe!

With many types of dog toys in the market, it’s easy to be swayed by things like color and attractiveness. Remember that as an owner, it’s your responsibility to ensure your dog’s entertainment is safe, so be sure to cover all bases regarding safety checks on your dog’s toys. 

Dog toys are sure to keep your dogs happy and healthy, but they don’t fully do the job without you being involved. Like you, your dog craves connection and bonding, and having regular playtime is a great way to keep your bond strong. 

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