Sale of Luxury Real Estate in Palm Jumeirah

Complete Information About Sale of Luxury Real Estate in Palm Jumeirah

Many foreigners dream of buying an elite house in Palm Jumeirah, especially those who once had the opportunity to visit here. Palm Jumeirah is an amazing artificial island, a grandiose miracle of modern thought, built in the Persian Gulf on the coast of Dubai. The island is directly connected to the city by a highway, so there are no communication problems here. Houses and villas on the island are luxury property in Palm Jumeirah for sale.

Area Features

The Palm Jumeirah area can be confidently called one of the main attractions not only in Dubai but also in the UAE. This is a man-made island in the form of a date palm, the coastline protected by a half-moon breakwater. Premium villas in Dubai, luxury hotels, and restaurants are concentrated here, and the archipelago itself can be seen from space.

No matter which part of Dubai’s Jumeirah Palm Villa is located, all residents of private cottages can enjoy stunning views of the Arabian Gulf. Privacy and proximity to the main attractions on the mainland are far from the only advantages of the area.

Features of Palm Jumeirah include:

  • exclusivity;
  • high quality of life;
  • developed infrastructure.

The community has various social facilities, including kindergartens, supermarkets, and entertainment facilities. The Palm Jumeirah is full of iconic attractions, including several marinas, an aquarium, and a water park. Having decided to buy a villa on Palm Jumeirah in Dubai, you will lead a private lifestyle and enjoy your vacation by the sea in one of the most popular resorts in the world.

Real estate in Dubai and on the island is represented by various types of objects – from apartments in residential complexes in the central part to villas with private access to the beach. The latter is exciting to expats and foreign investors: such housing is purchased for permanent residence, profitable rental, and subsequent resale.

An additional incentive for the acquisition of luxury real estate is:

  • the possibility of obtaining a resident visa;
  • use of the object for commercial purposes to generate income;
  • free ownership without the need to pay additional taxes.

Luxury villas in Dubai are an essential source of income for the economy of Dubai and the UAE. The unique nature of the origin of the island, the conditions created on its territory, and the infrastructure attract buyers and investors from all over the world, pushing the real estate market to develop.

If you are looking for luxury apartments for sale in Dubai or are thinking about buying a villa, Palm Jumeirah is worth a look.

Benefits of villas on the Palm Jumeirah in Dubai

Premium villas are located along 16 leaves of a tree, forming closed communities with round-the-clock security. Community members have access to:

  • luxurious restaurants and clubs;
  • fitness centers and SPA;
  • areas for recreation and walks;
  • heated pools;
  • water parks and other water activities.

Developers offer to buy fully equipped villas on the Palm Jumeirah in Dubai for a comfortable family stay. All objects are large and well-planned. The villas are built using modern premium materials, and exclusive and expensive elements are used in the interior decoration.

Houses occupy the lion’s share among the proposals with 4-5 bedrooms, and there are options with 2-3 bedrooms and premium segment objects with 7 bedrooms.

A feature of the layouts is the presence of additional premises, including:

  • rooms for service personnel;
  • guest rooms;
  • working rooms;
  • utility rooms;
  • garages.

Buying a villa on Palm Jumeirah in Dubai means making a worthwhile investment in your future. Real estate in this unique place is highly liquid and grows in price every year, allowing not only to save but also to increase the invested funds after the sale of housing.

How much does a house on the Palm in Dubai cost? Prices range from $950,000 for a 2-bedroom villa to $12 million for a 7-bedroom luxury mansion. If you buy a 2 bedroom house in Dubai on the Palm for rent, the average yield will be about 5 percent per year. For villas with 3-5 bedrooms – 3.5-3.7 percent.


The most expensive villas in the Palm Jumeirah have:

  • the unique architecture of the facade;
  • designer renovation;
  • full household equipment, including furniture and appliances;
  • spacious area;
  • competent zoning and convenient layouts;
  • free access to water;
  • swimming pool;
  • parking place;
  • lawn or garden.

All this creates a balance between luxury and practicality, where a person can relax and work comfortably.

The cost of houses and villas in Palma ranges from 1,500,000 AED to 19,600,000 AED, depending on the location, area, number of rooms, and amenities provided.

Buy a luxury property in Dubai

Many exciting options for luxury homes and villas in the Palm Jumeirah and other popular areas of Dubai are listed in the catalog on the website¬† A wide variety of objects, locations, layouts, and options have been selected for you. Contact the company’s managers to choose the perfect property according to your preferences, tastes, and possibilities.

The company’s specialists will provide full legal support for your transaction from the beginning to handing over the keys.

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