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The history of these Nuremberg 2 Trials Against Humanity is controversial but remains relevant today as well. Read to find more about it.

The Nuremberg trials have a miserable place in human history. Some people justify or call their authenticity into question at different levels. Even today, the supporters of Nuremberg 2 Trials Against Humanity and their antagonists in the United States and the United Kingdom often get into heating arguments. 

When the vaccination process rolled out, there were people reportedly who called the program a sham imitation of the Nuremberg trials. The advocates of humanity worldwide and the conservative inclination have also seen the Nuremberg trials through varying lenses. 

The Nuremberg Trials

A series of thirteen trials were carried out in Germany after the fall of Hitler. These trails ranged from the year 1945 to 1949. In Nuremberg Trials 2022 then, all the Nazi officials were made the accused in the trials. All the military leaders, lawyers, and other esteemed people were put on trial for crimes against humanity and charges like genocide, etc. 

There are instances where the process followed was not legal and moral, but trials are no less than a milestone is achieving the establishment of the International Court of Justice. 

Key Highlights

  •  It is a three-day event organised by Nuremberg Moot Court.
  • Around 105 Law teams will compete over a hypothetical case.
  • This event will happen in period – 1 to 15 July 2022
  • Registration last date was 17 January.
  • Oral and written-based arguments and presentations.

The Decisions in Nuremberg 2 Trials Against Humanity

From 1945-49, there were many executed for crimes against humanity. Some chief military leaders have also been held guilty and executed to death by the tribunal. Many were awarded life imprisonment and a sentence of more than ten years behind bars. In addition, there were army generals who committed suicide while in prison. 

There were joint trials at the starting, but due to growing differences between the allied forces, the independent trials were conducted before the U.S. military tribunals and not the permanent international court. 

This also sowed the seeds of separation and partition among the nations during Nuremberg 2 Trials Against Humanity, and people started questioning the arbitrary advancement of trials and such a stage.

However, the global perception of trials is that they paved the way for establishing a much peaceful international order and laid the grounds for harmony and peace during the coming years, and avoided a third world war. And indeed, the third world war was avoided at all costs. 


The Nuremberg trials are sometimes seen in the sense of incidents that changed the course of modern history after the Second World War. There are controversies around the globe regarding their authenticity. In this article, we have discussed how these Nuremberg 2 Trials Against Humanity influenced modern history. To know more on this event, you can visit this link.  

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