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The scandal that recently popped up across social networking sites was due to Louise Abuel Twitter Video that made the child actor allegedly into controversies.

Louise Abuel’s name captured the attention of many Twitter users and other individuals Worldwide after users got involved in heated discussions. The debates and discussions were about a leaked Louise Abuel’s clip that showcased illicitness.

A person’s reputation and fame can quickly become well-known or poorly known due to footage that goes viral. People broadly spread Louise’s clip since it had intense content. Since Abuel was always thought of as a completely innocent, youthful celebrity, many individuals were startled by this incident.

Social media sites and internet users were both drawn to the video as it swiftly garnered popularity and then spread as a flame, yet you cannot find it presently.

Louise Abuel Twitter Video:  

Abuel’s video popularity skyrocketed after the entire link of his intimate act was made public, as users shared and debated it in depth. 

After his original video URL was posted on well-known social media sites, including Telegram, Twitter, and other networking sites, the debate concerning his viral clip intensified even more. 

Undoubtedly, Abuel’s video’s release on public channels accompanying the spread of social networking platforms has had a long-lasting effect on his career and personal life.

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Louise Abuel Twitter Video Complete Details
Louise Abuel Twitter Video

Louise Abuel Age:

Louise, a 20-year-old teenager, is a Filipino-based model and actor. The celebrity has been an agent of Star Magic from 2011 till the present. He was born in the Phillippines, Manila, on December 23, 2003. The commercial model and teen actor’s complete name is Louise Darnell Alba Abuel.

Abuel’s current contract is with ABS-CBN. His initial appearance was in “100 Days to Heaven,” the television drama series as Kevin Delgado. His appearances were also in “Ikaw Lamang” as young Franco Hidalgo, “Juan Dela Cruz” as Pikoy, and in Princess and I” as Young Jao.

Louise Abuel Age
Louise Abuel Age

His major award was in 2020 when the 18th Dhaka International Festival awarded him the Best Actor award in the category of Asian Film.

Recognized for his charm and skill, Abuel is a well-known Filipino kid who got into the spotlight after a web clip allegedly appeared. 

What were the consequences of Abuel’s viral clip on Tiktok and Instagram?

The controversy surrounding his video leak on public platforms has damaged his once-impeccable reputation by costing him the respect and confidence of his admirers. 

Practical consequences have been experienced by Abuel and the film and television industry overall as a result of his online video spreading disastrously. Abuel appeared in many television drama series while performing lead and supporting roles. 

His talent was appreciated and honoured in 2020 when he was awarded the Best Actor award. His other famous roles are in “Viral Scandal” as Miko Slkat and in “The Iron Heart” as Troy Adelanter.

Is Abuel’s clip accessible through Youtube or Telegram?

Abuel’s fans or any other online user cannot view his viral and scandalous clip as he might have got it deleted or the social media platforms instantly removed as per their privacy concerns and norms of online users.

Although many of Abuel’s fans and other individuals shared his clip and watched the original one, it cannot be seen now. His clip spread as a spark and made Abuel the headlines on Twitter and many other networks. Click Here

The child actor’s response or the statement from his associates is awaited. Abuel did not presently remark concerning his scandalous material. Since you cannot watch the clip now, its nature is questionable.

Louise Abuel Twitter Video supposedly featured his intimate acts, yet it is not yet confirmed due to the clip’s absence. The links to Abuel’s original intimate content are not functional and do not apparently display the child actor’s illicitness. 

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