Krony Wordle {Aug 2022} Is It Correct Word: Know Meaning

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The article clears the misconception of Krony Wordle and briefly describes the facts of this misconception.

Do you want to play a new wordle game? The name of this word puzzle game is “Krony”. Gamers from the United States, Australia and Canada are searching for this new wordle game. But they don’t find it because no such word puzzle game has been available recently. 

Therefore, we need to see about Krony Wordle. Let’s examine the facts and try to understand the fundamental points. 

What Do You Know about the New Wordle Game? 

We need to discuss the matter in light of specific facts. We have checked all the essential information and are trying to find out about Krony. We find it is merely a misconception and misspelling. Actually, the gamers don’t understand the World answer of 26 August 2022 (Friday) due to unknown reasons.

The wordle answer was “Irony”. But many gamers spell it “Krony”. And they thought it was the answer or new inclusion in the wordle game. But let us be clear, no such game is available right now.

Krony Define

But we have to understand the “Krony”. We still don’t know about these five letters. We need to define this and try to find out some crucial facts. When we try to find out “Krony”, we find the actual word is “Crony”. 

The word means “friend”, “intimate”, “familiar”, and many other meanings. Now, many gamers from the United Kingdom get confused. The word Crony is derived from the Greek words “Khronos” and “Khronos”. In the 17 century, the word was included in the English language dictionary as five letter word “Crony”. But people thought it starts with “K”.

Krony Game- The Facts and Result

Another problem started when people asked if Krony was a game or not. But we must be clear that no such game is introduced or available like Krony. It is just confusion and misunderstanding by many wordle gamers. 

The wordle is a word puzzle game, and gamers must guess the five-letter word daily. That is the main principle of the word game. The misconception has come due to the wordle answer of 26 August 2022 (Friday). The five-letter word was Irony.

Many word puzzle players also ask Is a Krony Word or not? But we have already discussed the matter with accurate information. There is no such word as “Krony”. 

Why is the News Circulating? 

Many gamers, out of curiosity, have posted the matter on social media. For this reason, many people thought a new word puzzle game was introduced. For this reason, many gamers started questioning about “Krony” and started discussion on the public podiums. 

At Last

In the final statement, we need to be clear that we have done all the research and pointed out that there is nothing like a new world game. We find that Krony Wordle is a fake idea from validated internet sources. 

There is no such available wordle word puzzle game. If still, you have confusion about the concept, you can read the link for a better understanding. Is your concept cleared? Comment, please

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