Knave Wordle {August 2022} Checkout Quordle’s Answers!

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In this article, we have discussed Knave Wordle. The article has all the related information, and a link to play this game is also attached.

Are you into word games? Do you like guessing words? If yes, then you must enjoy playing Wordle and Quordle. Kindly continue reading this article to get more details.

In this article on Knave Wordle, we will discuss Quordle, which is getting famous in Canada, United States, Australia, United Kingdom, India, and other parts of the world.

We will also reveal all of the four words for the 7th august of Quordle in an upcoming paragraph. Let us discuss its rules and tips to help you guess the right word for your next Quordle game.

How is it played?

First of all, the word “Knave” is associated with the Quordle game and not the Wordle game. It is one of the words from those four correct answers. But people get a bit confused about these two and are searching for Knave Game instead of Quordle game.

Let us see how this game is played and the rules here.

In this word game, we get nine tries to guess all four words. The word consists of 5 letters. Like Wordle, boxes turn green, yellow, and gray. Colors also indicate the same meanings here. Gray indicates that the letter is not there in the word, yellow means the alphabet is in the wrong place but is a part of the word, and green indicates the alphabet is in the correct place.

To guess the word right, you must keep proper track of words.

Tips and tricks

In this post on Knave Wordlewe will give our readers some hints for the first word of Quordle and share some tips and tricks.

Hints for the first word of 7th August-

  • It ends with the letter “e.”
  • It has three consonants and two vowels.
  • It starts with the letter “K.”

Now you can use words which has the properties mentioned above. Use such words and get more hints one after another. Keep track of letters that should not be repeated and save your chances.

Stay tuned to get the answers and continue reading.

About Quordle

Quordle is a free online word guessing game that is getting popular worldwide. 

Finally, this post on Knave Wordle reveals the four words for the 195th game. KNAVE, NEEDY, SKILL, and GLOVE are the answers for 7th August on Quordle. 

People get confused between Wordle and Quordle. Quordle is definitely based on Wordle, but they are not connected. Both games are different. Quordle is a bit harder than Wordle.

Everyone is enjoying this game as it is not just fun but also helps improve vocabulary and is engaging.


This game is highly recommendable to those who enjoy playing Wordle. This game is fun to play. 

Please click on this link to play Quordle.

Did you find this post on Knave Wordle helpful? Do let us know in the comment section below. 

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