Is The New Profile Pic App A Scam Or Safe {May} Check!

Latest News Is The New Profile Pic App A Scam Or Safe

Is The New Profile Pic App A Scam Or Safe has discussed allegations against this app and also enumerated reply by the developer.

Have you recently downloaded the New Profile Pic app and are thinking of removing it from your device? You are not alone with this thought; there are many like you in the United States and Australia thinking on this line.

This app’s quick profile changing feature attracted many social media users, but some news is reporting it as a scam. In this article, we have tried to look at the news and check Is The New Profile Pic App A Scam Or Safe; therefore, keep reading it to know more about this story.

Checking the Safety of New Profile Pic App:

There are specific allegations against this app by well-known tabloids in the United Kingdom and Canada. In this section, legit facts related to this app are listed.

  • This app has been downloaded more than one million times by users, which shows its increasing popularity.
  • It has a rating of 4.4 from 24 300 reviews showing most users found nothing against this app.
  • Some complaints are related to difficulty in using this app.
  • Its website offering a similar service has a trust index of 100 percent.

Allegations against Profilepicture Com and App:

The top media company has alleged that this app has links with the government in Moscow, and they are sending data to the Kremlin. Some of the allegations against this app are listed below.

  • The charge of debiting the user’s bank account is labeled against it.
  • Some users have also alleged that it is collecting personal information from their mobile device.
  • The app developer is sending the data of the customer to the Kremlin.
  • This app uses artificial intelligence to make changes in profile pic and take some key points that may remain on the server for two weeks.

Android App Developer Reply to this Allegations:

Some news agencies tried to clarify all the allegations with company officials, and their replies are listed below.

  • New Profile Pic is a free app, and the receipt shown in the screenshot is not of Linerock Investment.
  • It asks for permission to use some data on the device, which is a standard routine question asked by all other apps for accessing data.
  • The address of Moscow River is of the lawyer that registered the company.
  • No data is transferred to the Kremlin and remains on its server.

Therefore Linerock officials denied all the allegations labeled against it.

How to Use the Newprofilepic App?

This App On Play Store can be downloaded easily by users and can be used to change their profile pic. Some steps of using the App are mentioned below.

  • Download the app on your device.
  • Tap on the photo and upload the pic you want to change.
  • Choose your favorite avatar from the given options.
  • Share or upload your changed profile on social media.

Final verdict: 

This App links to Moscow and appears responsible for all the negative publicity surrounding this app.We found nothing substantial against this app to claim it is a scam.

Is The New Profile Pic App A Scam Or Safe therefore found this app to help get fantastic profile pics. Share your personal experience in the comment section if you are using this app.

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