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Syaztj Online Website Reviews

Please scroll down to the below article to check the reviews of the newly functioned website and be aware of the given details Is Syaztj Legit or not.    

Are you among those who is looking for alternate transport facilities due to the high price rising of petrol and diesel? Do you have an idea about an electric motorcycle? We are here to solve your problem. The price of petrol and diesel has been touching the sky for the last few months.

To get an alternative, people are looking for a vehicle that can be charged with electricity. Electric bikes have gained popularity in the United States. Today’s article will review an online electric motorbike shopping site, and check Is Syaztj Legit?

Is Syaztj A Legitimate Portal?

  • Website’s Origination Date: This portal came into existence on 30th May 2022.
  • Website’s Termination Date: This portal will last till 30th May 2023. It is a website with a very short life span.
  • Rank In Alexa: Alexa has not provided any rank for this site.
  • Trust Score: Trust score is 1% which is very bad.
  • Trust Index: Trust index is 26.6%.
  • Owner’s identification: We have no information regarding the owner’s identity. Identification of the owner is kept secret in WHOIS.
  • Syaztj ReviewsReviews are unavailable for this site.
  • Threat Score & Spam Score: The threat of the spam core of this site is 62%
  • Phishing Score: In this aspect, it scores 49%
  • Malware Score: In this section, it scores 15%
  • Validation Of Contact Address: We have found the address on the website. The address is 801 W Linden Ave, Linden, NJ 07036.

Note: Upper-mentioned details are given after detailed research from a reliable website. We have to delve into deep to find out Is Syaztj Legit.

About Syaztj.Com

On this site, we get different types of Electronic bikes with outstanding features.

  • For limitless travel, there is a quick-swap battery.
  • These bikes are very light in weight.
  • Anyone can master speed and range while riding these bikes.
  • It has excellent acceleration.
  • It has a system for dual driving.
  • These bikes cost very little to maintain.
  • These bikes are highly customizable.
  • It has a very fast charging option, an excellent driving system, a good quality brake, a dashboard, lights, a port for charging, tires, etc.

Let us check some specific details to be sure: Is Syaztj Legit.

  • Domain Type: It is a shopping site selling different electronic bikes.
  • Domain Address:
  • Address Of Email:    
  • Timing: Mon: Fri (8 AM till midnight) EST, Sat, and Sun 8 AM-8 PM and 9 AM-6 PM, respectively.              
  • Details Of The Owner: The owner’s details are hidden in WHOIS
  • Policy Of Return And Refund: Returning the product is available within 14 days of the receiving the item. To return the purchased item, it is necessary to be in its original packaging and condition.
  • Social Networking Connections: The site shows it is attached to Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, and Pinterest; while clicking those sites, again the site’s page is opened.

Let us check the pros and cons to understand Is Syaztj Legit.

Pros To Know

  • Protocol of HTTP is valid, meaning the buyer’s details are secured while purchasing from the site.
  • This site has WOT trustworthiness.
  • SSL certificate is present for the site
  • This site has not been detected by the black listing tool..
  • This site has advanced technology.

Cons To Know

  • The trust score is very bad
  • Very bad trust index
  • Alexa does not give this site any rank.
  • No reviews are there to assess the site
  • The website’s popularity is 0
  • This site’s chance of being fake is 24%

Syaztj Reviews

After investigating, we could not get any reviews of the site, Syaztj.Com. The possible reason for not getting the reviews can be the age of this site. It does not complete 1 month of its age. By reading the reviews, customers can understand the quality of the product and the quality of the site, which raises doubt in the mind of the customers. 

In this case, the absence of reviews is one of the major drawbacks in the path of the portal’s authenticity. Refer here to get your money back from PayPal Scams.


We have noticed all the details to find out about Is Syaztj Legit or not. The popularity of Electric cars and bikes is increasing daily, so people are looking for these products on the best offers. On the other hand, as the cost of petrol and diesel is regularly growing, people are looking for a cheaper option. 

Another advantage of electric cars and bikes is they are free from pollution. To know how to protect yourself from Credit Card Scams, read this article, and to know more about Electric motorbikes, click here

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