Is Sofabigsale Legit {June 2022} Read In-depth Reviews!

Sofabigsale Online Website Reviews

The article gives an idea about the virtual store and discusses Is Sofabigsale Legit or not in the light of the data.  

Do you ever buy furniture items from Sofabigsale? It is an online store that offers buyers stylish and designable furniture. The buyers can purchase dining sets, furniture and many more items from the virtual store. The store gets many buyers both from the United States and overseas.

Many people buy products from online stores, but they don’t contain all the data regarding the virtual store. But it is essential. Due to this cause, we need to describe the necessary information about the online store and also find out Is Sofabigsale Legit or not.

Let’s check out the primary data of the website.

  • Domain Date- On 23 May 2022. The website was opened just 17 days back.
  • The Domain Renewal Date- The website renewal date is 23 May 2023. The website will expire within one year.
  • The Trust Matter- It got a 60 per cent trust factor. That is average.
  • Index Faith Score- The index faith value is just 39.8 per cent.
  • Corporate Address- 1021 Oak Forest Ln, Myrtle Beach, SC 29577
  • Popularity Score- The website gets a zero popularity score. It is very absurd and creates a wrong impression about the website.
  • Sofabigsale Reviews– Don’t have a single customer’s feedback on the site.
  • Threat Protocols- The website gets 59 per cent threat protocols. 
  • Suspicious Factor- The virtual store got a 25 per cent questionable factor.

In the above discussion, we have checked the essential information about the website. But from these points, we can’t come to any conclusion about the legitimacy. 

For this reason, we need to check other information on the website. I hope the following discussion and data will comprehensively help us understand the website’s legitimacy. Let’s check out the knowledge about the virtual store to find out the answer – Is Sofabigsale Legit

What do you know about Sofabigsale

It is a furniture store. The store offers various types of furniture and home décor to the buyers. The store’s unique products are Bar dining set, Bistro set, dining set, and furniture set. Presently the online store is offering a discount on every product.

  • Name of the virtual shop- Sofabigsale
  • The URL- The website URL is-
  • Address- Disclosed on the website. 
  • Email-
  • Owner’s Impression: The name of the domain’s owner is identified. 
  • Contact Number- No phone number is mentioned on the site. It raises the suspicion Is Sofabigsale Legit. 
  • Return Process– The website maintains a 14 days policy. 

The data mentioned above and information are validated and trusted by various internet sources. After discussing the various information and data, we are still confused about the website’s legitimacy. 

For this reason, we need to check more profound knowledge and try to find out the best possible data about the website. We checked the website and found some positive and negative factors about the virtual store. We should look at those factors and discuss the matter in light of these. 

Know the Positive Factors – Is Sofabigsale Legit

  1. The online store mentioned complete information on the website. 
  2. The website offers various payment methods.
  3. The return and shipping policy is also mentioned. 
  4. The website provides the buyers outstanding discounts. 

The Negative Factors

  1. The website is very new. 
  2. As per the spam score rate website scores 30 out of 100. 
  3. Even the malware rate is also nearly 15 per cent. 
  4. The contact number is not provided on the site. That is very suspicious. 
  5. The website doesn’t have any social media page, which is absurd these days. 

Check out the Sofabigsale Reviews

Unfortunately, we don’t find any customer feedback on the website pages. Generally, the buyers always give feedback about the service and products of the website. But in this case, we don’t find any. It may also be possible that the virtual store is very new. 

We also checked the other trusted website for reviews but didn’t find any feedback. We need to say the website doesn’t have proper customer’s feedback. Meanwhile, you can also gain your knowledge by reading- How to Stop the Paypal Scam


We check all the website’s valid information and search Is Sofabigsale Legit or scam? Unfortunately, the complete information doesn’t give the exact idea about the website’s legitimacy. 

If you want to buy from the virtual store, we suggest looking for some legit portals. You can also share your online shopping methods in recent days. Also, read- Know the basic rules to stop Credit Card Scams

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