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Serengetifashions com Online Website Reviews

The article answers the question: Is Serengetifashions com Legit, guides the customers to buy from the store, and covers all the essential details.

Are you searching for colorful, casual, and comfortable clothing for yourself? Are you aware of a website that deals in clothing for women? In the United States, women love to dress up, and they avoid formal clothing at all times and choose comfortable clothing for their everyday use. The store has all sorts of dresses and accessories for women and ranges in different varieties. To know all the details on this website, keep reading this article, and we will provide the answer to Is Serengetifashions com Legit for the buyers.

Is Serengetifashions a legitimate e-commerce site?

Serengetifashions promises its customers to provide the best quality clothing material at an affordable price. The most important thing that any buyer looks upon is the website’s legitimacy and authenticity. To know about the details, one must go through the points mentioned below and find out whether the website is suitable for them or not.

  • Website’s domain – The domain age is 22/02/2016. Six years ago, the owner formed the website.
  • Trust score- The trust score of the website is 94%
  • Reviews- We came across many Serengetifashions Reviews on the internet.
  • Alexa Rank- The Alexa rank of the website is 685760.
  • Plagiarised content- The website does not offer any plagiarised content on clothes and accessories.
  • Address originality- The website address seems to be legitimate as it has grabbed the buyer’s attention
  • Social media links- The store is only attached to the Facebook handle and provides all the details 
  • Unrealistic discounts- No discounts are present on the products.
  • Owner’s information- The detailed description of the owner is not mentioned on the store’s website.

About Is Serengetifashions com Legit

The website sells vast clothing and accessories for women, especially in the United States. The website deals in best-quality dresses, tops, bottoms, tunics, leggings, and many other varieties. There are dresses in various designs which are casual and comfortable to wear. The website has beautifully presented itself, and no false contents are seen. We can term the website legitimate and suggest people try the website.

Specifications of the website

  • Domain age of a website- Six years ago, the owner created the website on 22/02/2016.
  • URL-
  • Social media representation- We can see only a Facebook link is mentioned, and that is enough to answer Is Serengetifashions com Legit
  • Category- Women’s clothing and accessories.
  • Email- No email address is present.
  • Address- The details of the address is also not available.
  • Return scheme- The customers can return the product to the provided address.
  • Refund scheme- The product’s price will be refunded 
  • Payment information- Credit Cards options are available and PayPal.
  • Shipping and delivery scheme- Within 3-7 business days.

Fors of the Serengetifashions

  • The website has a very good response from its customers, and when it says that it provides 100% guaranteed satisfaction.
  • The website has a vast collection of different clothing items present at affordable ranges.

Against based on Serengetifashions Reviews

  • The website has not mentioned the address of the store, and also it lacks information on the email address.
  • Only phone numbers are provided, and no details about the customer email address service are mentioned.
  • The website is deducting $8.95 from the refund amount for the shipping cost of the products.

Customer Reviews

The website has gained positive reviews from the customers, and we can see that from the trust rating index provided on the internet. People seem to be very satisfied with the products they have received from the store, so it answers Is Serengetifashions com LegitThe website is not widespread on many social media handles, and still, it has managed to gain the required amount of attention from the people.

People searching for Dresses can give this store a try and buy the products from here. We suggest the buyers pay heed to How To Get A Full Refund From PayPal.

Final Thought

Serengetifashions seem to be legit, and those who want to purchase from the website can go for it and buy the desired products. Prices are affordable, and people searching for a good website can add this to their list. What are your views on Is Serengetifashions com LegitHave you purchased from this website? Comment below and pay attention to How To Get A Full Refund From Credit Card.

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