Is Saltdays Legit {July 2022} Let Read Fair Reviews!

Saltdays Online Website Reviews

Please scroll down to the below article to get the well-researched facts on Saltdays and the final verdict on Is Saltdays Legit.

Are you searching for an online platform that deals with hardware tools and other essential house accessories? We will discuss one online portal in today’s article that can be the destination for many people who often order their necessary household stuff from an online portal.

Saltdays is an online platform that belongs to the United Kingdom. We will bring out facts of this portal to understand Saltdays as an online platform and also to be sure of Is Saltdays Legit.

Is Saltdays A Genuine Portal?

  • The Date On Which Saltdays Has Come Out As A Portal: Saltdays made its appearance as an online portal in the market almost three years ago. The exact date of coming for this portal is 25.04.2019
  • The Date On Which Saltdays Will Finish Its Work As A Domain: Saltdays will disappear from the virtual market on 25. 04.2023. So time limit is four years for Saltdays to function in the market.
  • Alexa ranking: Saltdays has got the 636367 no place in the Alexa ranking.
  • Saltdays ReviewsPresent in Trustpilot
  • Trust Score: Saltdays has obtained 86% marks as a trust score while researching its legitimacy on the website validator.
  • Trust Index: Saltdays has earned 77.7 ratings out of 100 from a very reliable and well-known portal.
  • How much chance Saltdays has to be a fake portal: Score Saltdays gets as a possibility of a spam website is 6 out of 100.
  • About The Owner Of Saltdays:  We have not found any details regarding the owner of this portal, Saltdays. 

After assessing the above ratings, we get maximum assurance on the portal, Saltdays. But, do we have to go through some more to be fully assured on Is Saltdays Legit?

About Saltdays. Co

In the portal Saltdays, we get products in multiple categories. So let us see those categories and the products we will get under those categories.

  • Gifts And Toys
  • Racing cars
  • Remote control gadgets
  • Items For The Pets
  • Rubber ball for dog chewing
  • Toothbrush for dog chewing
  • Tools
  • Knife sharpener
  • Wire Cutter
  • Products Used For Personal Care
  • Health Products 
  • Baby Products
  • Beauty Products
  • Accessories And Clothing

Let us look at some specific details to understand Is Saltdays Legit.


  • Portal Type: Saltdays deals with products that are necessary for multiple aspects. Saltdays is an online shopping platform.
  • Portal Address:
  • Email Id:
  • Contact Address: Emily Limited G12B Regus Richmond, Parhshot House, UK, 2W9 2PR
  • Contact No: No number is available
  • Shipping: Saltdays charges 4.99 Pound as the cost of shipping within the country this portal belongs to. The time Saldays takes for standard shipping is 7-12 days.
  • Returning: Returning is possible within 14 days from the delivery time.

Postive Sides To Prove Is Saltdays Legit?

  • The HTTP protocol is recognized in Saltdays. Recognition of this protocol signifies the safety of the data of buyer.
  • An IP address is authentic in Saltdays.
  • Saltdays has got trustworthiness from WOT.
  • Saltdays is certified by SSL.
  • Saltdays is a virtual platform that was built by using advanced technology.
  • Saltdays has received an excellent trust score and a good trust index.
  • The possibility of being spam is very low for this website.

Negative Sides

  • Contact no and owner details are missing in Saltdays
  • Saltdays has got a high ranking in Alexa.

Saltdays Reviews

While looking for the reviews for Saltdays, we find out in Trustpilot that Saltdays has received some reviews. But, unfortunately, sale days get terrible ratings in Trustpilot. The rating is 1.2 out of 5, and almost 95% of the reviewers have called the portal bad.

The products that the buyers have received are different from the products that are on its site. On the above review page of Saltdays, the reviewing portal authority has noted that they have identified some fake reviewers of Saltdays on trusted portals. Refer here to get your money back from PayPal Scams.


After discussing Is Saltdays Legitwe have come to an opinion. We can say that we have not got any clue that can say that Saltdays is unauthentic. But the products are not of good quality as we learn after reading the reviews. Therefore we suggest our readers to check authentic portal till wait the quality of the products’ improve. 

What do you think about Saltdays? Share your view below. To learn how to protect yourself from Credit Card Scams.

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