Is P95seller Legit {Sep 2022} A Comprehensive Review!

P95seller Online website Reviews

If you wish to place orders from P95seller, read this article about Is P95seller Legit to find the related facts and details.

Are you planning to place your orders for Air Jordan or similar branded products? Will P95seller be the safe platform for your purchases? Will this website help buyers place secure orders? Readers who wish to know the details of these related questions, this article will help you with queries.

P95seller is an online platform based in the United StatesThe website deals with multiple categories related to shoes, clothing and other similar accessories. We have some clarifications if you wish to place your orders with this website. Read this article about Is P95seller Legit till the end to explore the facts.

Authenticity Details of the Website: 

There is always a risk of scams with online platforms as we never know who is the operator behind these portals and who is regulating the working and other processes. There are some ways out that can help you with the details of the website’s legitimacy. Our team researched and addressed all these factors for your clarity and mentioned below.

  • Domain Age for the Website: The domain age for this portal is too young. As we can see, this was registered back in July 2022, operating for only two months.
  • P95seller Reviews: Few people are aware of the portal and have placed orders due to the recent domain age. Thereby, we are not able to fetch any reviews for the platform.
  • Contact Details of the Platform: The contact details of this platform are also not fetched. We could only see the email address for the website. The contact number and physical address for the same are missing.
  • Trust Score for P95seller: The trust score for this website is also less than 10%. It somewhere reflects that the website is not much trusted by the users yet, or it has some missing aspects that it cannot rank, providing answers for Is P95seller Legit. 
  • Alexa Ranking: Alexa Ranking for this website is around #1716324.

What is P95seller?

Now that we have the platform’s authenticity details, let’s also dig a bit into the details of the basic overview of the website to know more—the portal deals with footwear options, including branded shoes like Air Jordan and other options. 

Moreover, the platform also provides clothing and other accessory options for its customers. Furthermore, products for the portal are offered at discounted prices, which is not an original reflector for new platforms.

Specifications of P95seller: Is P95seller Legit

  • Website: Deals with shoes, clothing and other options.
  • URL:
  • Address: No details fetched.
  • Contact Number: No information found.
  • Shipping time: It usually takes around 7-9 days to ship the orders.
  • Shipping cost: Free shipping on orders above $35.
  • Delivery: No information mentioned.
  • Returns: Provides return service, but no details are mentioned.
  • Refund: No information was fetched.
  • Mode of Payment: PayPal.

All these details for the website show that the policies for the website are missing. Shipping, return, refund, cancellation and other similar, yet vital information for the website is not found. Let’s look closely at its working form and answers for Is P95seller Legit from the pros and cons.

Positives for the Website:

  • The website offers branded options at discounted prices.
  • There are several categories available with the platform that facilitates easy order placement.

Negatives for the Website:

  • Shipping time for the website is too high, around 7-9 days.
  • The return and refund policy for the portal is missing.
  • Owner details of the website are also not fetched.
  • Social media appearance for it is also not found.
  • The trust score for this website is also lower than 10%, indicating higher risks.
  • The domain creation date of the website is also too recent.

P95seller Reviews:

After exploring all the details and possible links for this website, we can say that reviews for this portal are still missing. Reasons for the same can be the recent domain creation date, which few people are still aware of.

Also, this website’s trust score may make the scrolling riskier. Thereby, check the details of Credit Card Scams before placing your orders.

Final Verdict:

After mentioning all the aspects of this website and studying the links, we can say that this portal is a new launch that few people know of. From the conclusion of Is P95seller Legit, we advise you not to place any orders with the platform until it gains enough reviews.

Check the Details for Website’s Authenticity   to know the related threats for PayPal Scams and others. Please help us with your comments about this article below.

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