Is Nice Product UK Legit {July 2022} Check The Review!

Nice Product UK Online website Reviews

The article gathers all the information relating to the store and answers Is Nice Product UK Legit or not in this post.

 Are you searching for a website that sells all kinds of jerseys and sportswear clothing? If yes, we have found a perfect website for you that will fulfill your jogging and running needs. Fitness enthusiasts from all over the United Kingdom are giving this website a try as all kinds of clothing and accessories are needed while jogging and running. We will mention all the details in answer to Is Nice Product UK Legit in this post for your reference.

 Is Nice Product UK a permitted online e-commerce store?

Nice Product UK is an online store that sells sports clothing related to yoga, football, tennis and other daily activities. The shop works to provide high-quality and budget-friendly products to its customers that you won’t find anywhere else.

  • Domain date formed – the website’s domain was formed on 22/10/2021.
  • Trust value number- the website has received a total trust percentage of 5 %.
  • Reviews- we are searching for the reviews but haven’t found any in connection to Nice Product UK Reviews.
  • Alexa global rank- the global rank of the Store is 2824162.
  • Plagiarism seen- the website has everything mentioned but plagiarised content.
  • Address licit- No address details are provided, and we are not sure whether the website is authentic.
  • Social media pages- we have not seen any Instagram and Facebook pages related to the store that provides all the details.
  • Unrealistic discounts- discounts are not provided on any of the products.
  • Owner’s information – the about page does not show any information regarding the Store’s owner.

Information of Is Nice Product UK Legit

The store has been formed to provide maximum customer satisfaction and the best quality material for their daily gym wear. There are collections such as basketball jerseys, baseball jerseys, hoodies, and hats for men and women. Experienced designers design clothes and the website has awesome designs. The clothes are specially curated, the sellers sell the products directly from the factory, and no middlemen are involved. 

Features of the website

  • Domain- we have found the domain registration date as 22/10/2021.
  • URL-
  • Social media- there are no social media pages which can provide an answer to Is Nice Product UK Legit.
  • Category – different gym wear and sportswear for men and women.
  • Email-
  • Address- no address details are provided on this Store’s website.
  • Returns blueprint- buyers can return the products within 30 days of the purchase.
  • Refunds blueprint-Refunds will be processed within 22 days of the return.
  • Payment allowed – VISA, GPAY, PayPal and others.
  • Shipping and Delivery blueprint- within 7-15 days, the shipping is done.

 Positive points of the Nice Product UK website

  • Nice Product UK is an online website that sells gym wear for men and women.
  • The prices are affordable, which the buyers can buy.

 Negative points based on Nice Product UK Reviews

  • The Store has received a 5 % trust value, and we cannot rely on such a low score.
  • There is no contact address provided in the Store, and we cannot provide any details regarding the address details.
  • We have also not found any websites that support the Store, and no reviews are attached with the website.

Customer Reviews 

Unfortunately, the website has not received any reviews from the buyers even after 6 months after its launch. Genuine reviews are very important for any website to grow in the market. We also have no response to Is Nice Product UK Legit due to a lack of reviews. We suggest the buyers wait for a few more months to get genuine reviews. 

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We can end this website by saying that the website seems fake as there are no genuine reviews, and the trust score is unsatisfactory. We cannot rely on a website with such a low trust score. We cannot advise the buyers to buy from this store as there are very less reviews on the products. What are your thoughts on Is Nice Product UK LegitComment below. If you are a Victim of Credit Card Fraud? Read Here.

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