Is Julielly Legit {Aug 2022} Find A Complete Review!

Julielly Online website Reviews

Please peruse this article to answer your question Is Julielly Legit regarding an online marketing store that provides décor, household, and beauty products.

Are you surfing online portals that offer elegant wreaths? Do you wish to adorn your garden with solar wind chimes? Or, would you like to purchase some fashion accessories to enhance your looks? Then, please read this article to get the necessary pieces of information. 

Today’s composition mentions particulars related to a virtual marketing platform and its authenticity. Shoppers from the United States are keen on getting essential details about this site. Thus, please peruse till the end to answer your doubt Is Julielly Legit.

Is Julielly Trustworthy?

This section talks about the genuineness of this store. We have researched these particulars from trusted sources and presented them in this account. 

  • The Oldness of Website – This store’s age is eleven months and four days. The team created it on 18 September 2021.
  • Platform Trust Index – 33%, which one can refer to as a Bad Trust Index.
  • Ranking in Alexa’s Records – It was not feasible to determine the rank of this store due to unavailability.
  • Linking to Social Media – This platform is linked to its social media account on Pinterest. 
  • Julielly Reviews This store does not have a relevant section for customers to write their feedback.
  • Contact Points’ Authenticity – The address stated on the Terms of Usage page contains the name of another organization. Also, this location is a workplace building that does not appear to be a warehouse. Moreover, we did not spot any telephone number on this portal.
  • Spelling Errors – “Privacy” is misspelled as “Privace” in the quick link. Also, one of the categories mentions “healthy”, which we feel should have been “health”.
  • Web Design – The Shipment Policy contains programming language indicating incomplete web design. 

Depending on our research, this store looks wary. Yet, judging Is Julielly Legit may be unjust, for this website is new.

What is Julielly?

Julielly is an online commerce platform that offering garden décor and beauty products. Some items in this store are wreaths, solar wind chimes, hair curlers, eyeliners, etc. This website also sells clothing items, like dresses and trousers, and household items, like portable fans and vegetable cutters.


  • Type of Portal – An e-commerce website that deals with décor, household, and beauty products.
  • Address of Platform –
  • Telephone Number – Absent
  • E-mail Id –
  • Connections to Social Media – Linked to Pinterest.
  • Physical Location – 108 Cube Building, Monahan Rd., Cork – T12 H1XY, Ireland Another firm’s name is stated against this address, elucidating Is Julielly Legit.
  • Shipping Rule – The general shipment time is seven to twenty working days. Shipment charges vary per order amount. The minimum delivery charges are $7 and free for orders more than $80. 
  • Terms of Usage – Given
  • Privacy Policy – Specified
  • Price of Items – Stated in USD.
  • Returns and Refunds Information – The time to send the items back for returns is fifteen days after receipt. Approved refunds shall take some days for credit. 
  • Options for Payment – Credit cards of JCB, Maestro, Visa, Mastercard, etc., and PayPal.
  • Filter By – Present 
  • Sort By – Not provided.


  • The outdoor décor items have excellent designs.
  • The team has stated the Privacy Policy elaborately.

Cons Discussing Is Julielly Legit

  • We spotted two spelling errors on this portal, which is a notable disadvantage for any e-commerce website.
  • The Terms of Usage begin with an erroneous sentence.
  • The developers have not edited the programming language on the Shipping Policy page.
  • The top of the home page states that free shipment exists for orders more than $49. But, the shipping policy page mentions the free shipping threshold as $80. Thus, such contradictory details raise uncertainty about this store.
  • No telephone number is available to contact the customer care department. Moreover, the address on the Terms of Usage page belongs to a different firm. 

Julielly Reviews

Leading feedback portals do not consist of any information about this online shopping store. So, finding customer feedback related to this store’s services or products was challenging. The absence of these reviews adds to this portal’s wariness. Moreover, the site lacks segments to post reviews. Hence, we request readers examine this website’s feedback cautiously before purchasing its products. Also, we suggest you learn How to Get a Refund on PayPal if scammed for security.


The above investigation indicates the wariness of this platform. Notwithstanding, it may be unjust to judge Is Julielly Legit for its newness. Hence, we advise you to read how to Get money refund on credit card to be cautious. Furthermore, you may learn some wreath decoration ideas for the upcoming occasions. 

Do you feel this is a genuine store? Please write below. 

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