Is Gardesol Legit {June} Read An Instructive Review!

Gardesol Online Website Reviews
The write-up describes the details related to Is Gardesol Legit and points out all the relevant points associated with the website and the products. 

Do you want to give your exterior area an advanced look that is stylish and beautiful simultaneously? The article will describe a website with a wide range of collections of various items that one can use to enhance exterior areas. Individuals in the United States are delighted to come across this website, and they are in awe of the varieties sold on the website. In this section, we will try to bring every possible answer to Is Gardesol Legit.

Is Gardesol a permissible e-commerce online site?

Gardesol has been focused on providing sunshade products for many years, and these are mostly used to install in outdoor areas. The idea behind the product is to let the buyers enjoy the outdoor life without being sunburned. Here, we have mentioned a few important criteria based on which the website’s authenticity will be determined.

  • Domain – 17/03/2022 is the domain date of the online website.
  • Trust score rating- The Shop has received only a 2% trust rating from the customers.
  • Reviews- People have not provided any Gardesol Reviews on the store’s website or the social media page present.
  • Alexa Rating- The rank given for the store on Alexa is 1148520.
  • Plagiaristic content- We can see content related to the products does not seem to be fake.
  • Address genuineness- The address provided does not seem to be authentic as we did not find anything related to the store on this address.
  • Social networking websites- We have seen this site only on Facebook where they had attached all their products.
  • Unrealistic discounts- The store is not providing any discount on the products.
  • Owner’s information- It isn’t easy to point out the owner’s information on the website.

Information concerning Is Gardesol Legit

Gardesol deals in various kinds of sunshade products to enjoy outdoor life without any harmful impact of the sun rays. The products sold on the website are as follows: –

  • Louvred Pergola
  • Patio Umbrellas
  • Carport
  • Storage Sheds

These are the varieties sold on the website, where one can choose any of the above mentioned products according to their requirements. The storage sheds are also used for storing small planters and modernizing your garden.

Specifications of the website

  • URL-
  • Social media lists- The store has provided a Facebook link that answers the question, Is Gardesol Legit or illegit.
  • Category- Sunshades, pergolas, carpots of different kinds.
  • Email-
  • Address- 3328 SW 11th Ct.FL Cape Coral
  • Return conditions- The products are allowed to return within 30 days.
  • Refund conditions- No specific time is mentioned on the store’s website.
  • Payment criterion- PayPal and Credit Cards.
  • Shipping and Delivery conditions- The order is shipped within 5-7 business days.

Strengths of the website

  • Gardesol manufactures sunshades and various other products that give a modern look.
  • The store is a huge seller of umbrellas, pergolas, carports, and many other things at an affordable price.
  • The website has different kinds of pergolas and patio umbrellas available in different sizes.

Weaknesses based on Gardesol Reviews

  • There are no discounts present, which some customers find difficult to purchase at a price mentioned.
  • The address details do not seem genuine, and there is the least possibility of the website’s store being present there.
  • The Shop has availability on the social sites but no relevant information is collected from there.

Reviews by Buyers

We have not found any detailed reviews by the buyers anywhere. The social media platform also does not mention the customers’ views, and we do not know whether the products are genuine. Due to this, we cannot answer Is Gardesol Legit or fake. But we think the website is suspicious due to less traffic on the online store’s website. 

People who want to know the details of Pergolas can read here to know what pergolas are and where they are used. Moreover, the readers are suggested to go through How to Get a Refund on PayPal in case of a scam.

Final Wind-Up

Gardesol is formed to sell outdoor sunshades, but the low trust score and short life expectancy make the website difficult to trust. Moreover, some of the store’s details are unauthentic, and we term the website as fake. We cannot answer Is Gardesol Legit as the address provided on the social media and the website is completely different. Are you a Victim of Credit Card Fraud? Read Here.

What are your comments on the website? Please tell us.

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