Is Fun Delivered Legit (Nov) Check Detailed Reviews!


The write-up provides the users with all the information about the mystery box package and answers the question Is Fun Delivered Legit and whether we should trust it. 

Do you like surprises on your special day? Are you aware of the mystery surprise box? If not, we will present you with a description of a website that deals in the mystery box. Nobody knows what is inside the mystery box. 

On ordering the surprise box, there comes a package of four to five different varieties of things that gets disclosed only on opening the packet. The mystery box is very famous in the United States, and people use them to surprise their friends and family. We will provide an answer to the question Is Fun Delivered Legit in this article.

Is Fun Delivered an assuring web page?

We cannot comment on the website’s authenticity unless we know the complete details of it. Any website has the same question of proving its authenticity to the customers so that it can grow. A few points are mentioned below to know the website’s whereabouts and gather the information based on the website’s legitimacy.

  • The formation date of the website- The website formation date is 13/08/2021, approximately seven months.
  • Trust index- The website has received a score of 33%.
  • Reviews- Mixed Fun Delivered Reviews are mentioned on the social media handle pages.
  • Alexa ranking list- The rank provided is 3536272
  • Piracy – We cannot comment on the piracy of the products because of the reviews on social media.
  • Address particulars- P.O. Box 1719, Ocala, Florida 34478
  • Social media service- Instagram, YouTube, and TikTok links are present.
  • Unrealistic discounts- Any discounts are not provided in the store.
  • Owner’s information- Not present.

Fun Delivered seems to be a suspicious website, and it has received a lousy trust score. However, the problems with the packages are not yet identified, so it answers the question, Is Fun Delivered Legit.

Facts of Fun Delivered

Fun Delivered comes with a new insight where it provides the customers with a surprise mystery box. The buyers are unaware of what the box contains, and the contents inside it get revealed only after opening them. The idea is unique, but the website needs to improve to get the desired attention.

Specifications of the website

  • Formation date- The date of formation of the website is 13/08/2021, almost seven months ago.
  • URL-
  • Social networks- The store has links provided to Instagram and YouTube from where it can say Is Fun Delivered Legit or not.
  • Category- Mystery box.
  • Email-
  • Address- P.O. Box 1719, Ocala, Florida 34478
  • The policy of Returns- Unavailable
  • The policy of Refunds- Not present
  • Payment statistics- PayPal is the only option provided for purchase.
  • The policy of Shipping and delivery – Free Shipping in the USA.

Favorable points of the site

  • The store has a unique idea of a surprise mystery box for friends and family.
  • We can see seven to eight unopened packages in the big surprise mystery box.

Unfavorable points of Fun Delivered Reviews

  • Fun Delivered lacks the trust score that any website needs to excel in growth.
  • The website’s policies are not provided, so the customers doubt its authenticity of it.
  • Returns and refunds are not provided, so we do not know the consequences after receiving a damaged product.

Customer Reviews

Only a few reviews are mentioned on the social platform, and some users in the United States are happy with the package received, whereas some are unhappy. We do not know what the mystery box contains as it provides various materials. Products are received in broken condition and also the parts are missing. We now know the answer to Is Fun Delivered Legit, and we can term it to be suspicious. Read here if you are a victim of Credit Card Fraud

People who would like to know about the Mystery box can read here and know the views of the customers.

Final Verdict

Fun Delivered provides a mystery bundle for the users, and people seem to be excited, but the website is suspicious, and we cannot trust the products they sell. Some items are broken as claimed online, and some parts are missing. What are your views on the online store? Do you like the idea of a surprise mystery box? What is your answer to Is Fun Delivered Legit? Read how to Get Your Money Back From PayPal If You Get Scammed and Comment below.

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