Is Flyer Shop Legit (August) Check Detailed Reviews!

Flyer Shop Online website Reviews
Readers who wish to place their orders with a flyer shop, read this article about Is Flyer Shop Legit till the end to know the facts.

Are you planning to place your orders from Flyer Shop? What does the website provide? What are the features and unique selling proposition of the website? Readers wondering what the platform offers, read this article until the end to know the facts.

Flyer Shop, as the name itself, suggests deals with flyers and business cards. This portal is based out of the United States and provides customers with multiple options about their categories. Read this article about Is Flyer Shop Legit till the end to explore the facts.

Legitimacy Factors for the Website: 

All webmasters are usually advised to scroll down through the details of the platform before placing any orders. It helps them determine whether the website is a secure portal to place orders from. We have mentioned all the pointers about Flyer Shop that you need to go through, helping you find easy answers to whether this is a safe option.

  • Domain Age of the Website: The domain age for this portal is too old. It has been operating for more than 22.5 years and has established its brand value in the market.
  • Flyer Shop Reviews: Since the website has been operating for more than 22 years, it has fetched some positive and appreciable reviews from its customers. All these reviews are furthermore in favour of the website.
  • Contact Details of the Platform: The contact details of this website, including its email address, contact number and physical address, are found over the platform.
  • Social Media Presence of the Website: The social media presence for this portal is fetched, and it seems to have an active account on Twitter and Facebook since 2018.
  • Trust Score of the Website: As it has been operating for more than 22 years, the trust score for this portal is also more than 70%. 

This indicates that this is a reliable platform and positive answers for Is Flyer Shop LegitAll these factors for this website state that this portal has been dealing with its customers for more than 22 years and has established a practical brand value.

What is Flyer Shop?

Now that we have details of the platform listed, let’s go through the website’s basic dealing to know how and with what it works. The categories available with this portal include promotional, business cards, business stationery, marketing materials, signs, posters, pens, banners and apparel options. As fetch, it seems like it works with the printing machines, providing available materials with the same.

Specifications of Flyer Shop: Is Flyer Shop Legit:

  • Website: Deals with flyers.
  • URL:
  • Email:
  • Address: #14 6320 11St SE Calgary
  • Contact Number: +1 (403) 287-8764
  • Mode of Payment: Online payment modes.
  • Categories Available with the Website: Brochure, Post mailer, t-shirts, lawn signs, posters and others.

How to Place Orders With this Platform?

Now that we have the portal’s details let’s know how to place orders with the same. All you need to do is select your niche and design and mention the information you asked for. After this, you must finalize the orders and make the desired payments. Read the pros and cons of the Is Flyer Shop Legit answers to fetch more.

Positive Aspects of the Portal: 

  • The website deals with multiple categories of its niche.
  • All the details of this website are mentioned on the webpage.
  • The website has an active social media presence.
  • It has been operating for more than 22 years.

Negatives of the Portal: 

  • The website has not mentioned details about its payment methods.
  • The shipping, return and refund policy for the website is missing.
  • Instagram appearance for the portal is also not fetched.

After finding out these many details of the platform, we can say that this website has been operating for a long time and still has some missing policies.

Flyer Shop Reviews:

Reviews for this portal are easily fetched over the internet and on their social media platforms. Customers have appreciated their orders with the website and mentioned that they deliver high-quality materials at the best prices.

Although this platform somehow eliminates the risk of PayPal Scams and other threats, there is a possibility that its clone may harm your orders. This is why always check the risks before placing your orders.

Final Verdict:

After detailing this website, we can conclude that this platform seems legit as it has been operating for a long time and has been appreciated with many customer reviews. Is Flyer Shop Legit answers are also fetched positive for the same.

Check out the Homepage of Flyer Shop  for easy redirections. Also, please share your views about this article in the comments below and Credit Card Scams for the threats.

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