Is Attwoolls Legit {June 2022} Complete Genuine Review!

Attwoolls Online Website Reviews

This article provides valuable specifications and facts about Is Attwoolls Legit to help viewers select the authentic site to purchase goods.

Do you want to enhance your outdoor looks with awnings and tents? Are you trying to discover awnings and tents through Attwoolls’ web store? Many users in the United Kingdom, Ireland, and other surrounding places are searching for Tarpaulins, Netting, Rope, Gazebos, awnings, tents, etc., to make their outdoor appearance enticing and beautiful.

But, you must check Attwoolls legitimacy when you want to buy awnings, tents, or other manufacturing products through its platform. So, let’s know if it Is Attwoolls Legit.

Is Attwoolls store a Scam?

  • Attwools domain information – Attwoolls official web page was designed on July 28, 1998. Attwoolls domain will expire on July 28, 2023.
  • Attwoolls store’s domain registration name– Attwoolls domain registration name is
  • Social Networking Sites– Attwools has its presence on many social networking sites, such as YouTube, Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook.
  • Virtual Trust Rating and Index- Attwoolls Shop has an 86 percent digital trust rating and index. 
  • Trust Score- Attwoolls received a 100 percent trust score.
  • Viewers’ feedback- Users have given Attwoolls a 3.6 average rating on official webpage based on the Attwoolls Reviews.
  • Attwoolls Rank- Attwoolls Shop has obtained a 245 407 ranking globally. Its country-wise rank is 12 898 and has obtained 299 ranks categorically.

What is the Attwoolls store?

Attwoolls store is an online shop that sells many awnings, tens, accessories, bungees, fasteners, thread, rope, netting, etc. Besides, it has expanded its showroom with a massive range of awnings and tents display. So, you may visit Attwoolls’ in-store location to view the products physically.

Besides, Attwoolls has categorically arranged its goods on its shopping site, providing buyers the convenience of online shopping. It also has a beautiful selection of motorhomes, caravans, clothing, skis, and camping equipment. But checking if it Is Attwoolls Legit is a must.

Specifications of Attwoolls online shop:

  • Website-
  • E-mail address –
  • Phone details – 01452 742 233, 01452 742 211
  • Attwools address is Whitminster, Bristol Road, GL2 7LX Gloucester.
  • Working Hours- Not available.
  • Payment options availability- Visa Electron, Visa Debit, Visa, Master Card, Opayo, and Maestro.
  • Shipping Policy- Attwoolls’ shipping charges are £5.95 and are free of cost when you purchase for more than £100. It delivers products across Highlands, Northern Ireland, Scotland Islands, Channel Islands, and Mainland U.K. You can also get your items delivered the next day when you place the order before noon, and the delivery cost is £5.95 or £7.95. 

Also, explore Is Attwoolls Legit. Attwoolls items are delivered within three to five business days.

  • Return Policy- Attwoolls accepts returns of its goods within fourteen days of buying.

Pros of Attwoolls online store:

  • Attwoolls offer a five percent in-store off for Ramblers, Defence discount, Scouts, and Duke of Edinburgh award.  
  • Attwools occassionally offers discount codes through its newsletter.
  • Attwoolls provide free delivery on purchases of more than £100.
  • It claims to provide custom-made and finest quality athletic products.

Cons of Attwoolls online store:

  • Attwoolls’ shipping or delivery cost is too high. 
  • The tents, awnings, and other merchandise are highly expensive.
  • This online shop has received many negative opinions from its buyers.

Attwoolls Reviews:

Many negative and positive opinions from Attwoolls buyers are available on online networks. Attwoolls’ online store has received a 3.5 rating based on its user’s reviews, while its social networking site has received a 4.5 rating. It proves that Attwoolls shopping store is an average online shopping site for tents, awnings, caravans, etc.

So, exploring more about Attwoolls online shop will help you know if the manufacturer is trustworthy or not. You can also check information about Attwoolls physical store to determine the authenticity of its platform. Besides, read here to check the Easy and Simple methods of refund from paypal. Have you explored if it Is Attwoolls Legit?

Our research output suggests doing your research before buying from Attwoolls’ store.

Final Verdict:

Attwoolls online shop deals with many manufacturing merchandises, awnings, tents, etc. Although Attwoolls trust score and ratings are average, many customers complain about the shopping store and its goods. So, perform research before buying Attwoolls goods and read here for a useful method to Get money refund on credit card

So, we recommend checking here to buy beautiful and quality tents and awnings. Are you pleased with our topic on Attwoolls store and checking if it Is Attwoolls Legit? Write your view about your opinion on Attwoolls store.

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