Is Abmsale Legit {Sep 2022} Find Easy & Quick Reviews!

Abmsale Online website Reviews

The article tries to find out the answer to the question, Is Abmsale Legit or a scam and discusses the essentials of the online store.

Do you like to buy sports shoes, inner garments and sunglasses at an affordable rate? Amsale is offering these kinds of products. Many consumers from the United States are checking the website. 

But buyers want to know about this offline shop and particularly its legitimacy.

For this reason, we need to find out the fundamental question about the website and find out the answer Is Abmsale Legit or scum?

The Important Data

  • Index Trust Rate– The website has a zero percent index trust rate.
  • Scam Rate– The scam record is 92 percent.
  • Phishing Rate– It is around 66 percent.
  • Malware– The website has a 48 percent malware score.
  • Threat Rate– It is around 92 percent.
  • Trust score– The trust score is just one percent. It is the worst trust score for any website.
  • Rank– The website got a zero position.
  • Suspicious proximity– It is around 39 percent.
  • HTTPS– Website has HTTPS protocols.
  • Blacklist Status– Not Detected.  
  • Reviews of Customers– As per Abmsale Reviews, the website has no customer reviews on the webpage.
  • Date of Creation– The website was created on 24 August 2022. It means the website’s age is just 9 days.
  • The expiry date of the domain– 24 August 2023 is the expiry date. It means the website will expire in less than one year.

We have checked each crucial factor of the website. And we find that the online store doesn’t provide a valid answer in most cases. We also understand that the website is newly launched. For this reason, we need to search more on these particular points to find a legitimate answer. 

Know to check whether it Is Abmsale Legit or not? 

The online store offers various fashionable products like- branded sunglasses, sports shoes, inner garments, etc. The online store also provides quality assurance and a reasonable price rate. But to find out the legitimacy we need to check more factors about the website.

Specific Details

  • URL of the Website–
  • Postal Address– 320 W Kimberly Road, Davenport, IA 52806.
  • Email ID–
  • Customer Care Department– the Company has a customer care department.
  • Item’s Delivery– Within 7 to 9 days.
  • Shipping Charge– The online store offers free delivery over orders of 35 USD.
  • Phone Number– Not mentioned on the official page. It raises the question Is Abmsale Legit or not?
  • Return Policy– Paperless return policy.
  • Refund– The online shop maintains a conditional refund policy.
  • Social Media Presence– We don’t find any social media presence.
  • Mode of Payment– Don’t mention it on the website.

We have checked all the reports on the website. But the problem is we get fewer answers on legitimacy. But still, we don’t get any helpful information on the legitimacy part. We need to find out the positive and negative aspects of the website. Let’s check out the pros and cons of the website.

As per the Abmsale Reviewswe find the following positive points

  1. The website offers various types of fashionable products.
  2. The online store offers an affordable price.

The Negative Points of the Website

  1. The website doesn’t have any contact number.
  2. Don’t get any buyer’s reviews on the website.
  3. The online store doesn’t give any legitimate answer.
  4. The website is very new.
  5. The payment mode is not cleared on the website.
  6. Website rank is zero.

We have discussed the positive and negative points of the online store. But we find more negative points than positive points. It helps us find out the answer to them: Is Abmsale Legit or fraud.

Feedback from the customers

We don’t get any consumer reviews on the website. For this reason, we check the other trusted websites to find out some customer reviews. As per our search, we didn’t get any single thought about the website on the trusted search. 

We understand the website is very new. For this reason, we don’t get any proper customer feedback about the online store. You can also read- The Return Protocols of Credit Card Scam

The Final Outcome

At last, we can say we have searched for all the possible information about the online store. Our main search is to determine its legitimacy and whether it Is Abmsale Legit or a scam. But we find more negative aspects of the website than positive aspects.

Our suggestion is, for the time being, the buyers should ignore the online store. Because the shop doesn’t offer many legitimized answers. For this reason, you can visit a legitimate online store. Do you think the data is valuable? Comment, please. Also, check How to Stop PayPal Fraud?

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