How to Get Fireworks in Astd (July) Check Steps Below!

How to Get Fireworks in Astd (July) Check Steps Below!

How to Get Fireworks in Astd (July) Check Steps Below! >> Are you here searching for new updates added to the Roblox game? Then you must check this post out.

Did you hear about the new feature update of the Roblox game? Well, if not, then have a check below!

United States robloxians are on the verge of getting the basic idea of How To Get Fireworks In Astd! so we thought of taking the initiative to disclose the fact and information about it. Many Roblox users might be familiar with the new units of Roblox mission games like Fireworks Astd, Guts, Asta, Itadori, Yusuke, etc. 

This note will supply readers with the news about the new release of the Roblox in-game feature!

About All Star Tower Defense (ASTD):

ASTD is the standard game that allows players to defend the towers present on the Roblox game platform. In addition, it’s a platform where game Creators develop game accessories, characters, and 3D games.

To know How To Get Fireworks In Astd, let’s scroll down!

The Astd game provides varieties of characters coming from a single target to an area of effect. The characters are basically Anime based. The key aim of Astd is to get over the leader board for an infinite mode or reach the farthest possible in a story.

What Is ASTD Fireworks?

ASTD summer fest event 2021 gives the exclusive feature of water goddess to the mechanism of super fireworks. This feature is recently added to the game Roblox. In addition, users now may collect different anime characters and use them to conquer the game opponents.

Let’s check How To Get Fireworks In Astd after reading listed points of Fireworks Astd below:

  • The summer fest 2021 event is being released on 25th July 2021, stating about the mentioned few features added in the Roblox game 
  • The two essential features have been stated of this event and one of them is regarding the Fireworks Astd
  • To assess the advantage in your game, you must buy firecrackers 
  • Okay! Assessing this feature will allow you to get arbitrary anime characters which will help you in defending in-game opponents 
  • Additionally, you may also win an exceptional prize the water goddess, the arbitrary person 
  • The water goddess is restricted to only 5000 in quantity 

How To Get Fireworks In Astd?

Buying Firework Astd is very simple. Read the points down and follow those for assessing this game feature.

  •  You will come across the voyage dealer, which will be displayed in random time intervals every hour
  •  Try to be present near to the lobby, which seems to emit a light blue spark.
  •  Voyage dealer will be seen sitting close to the lobby or anteroom 
  •  Once buyers go near to him, you can buy Fireworks costing two thousand gems
  •  Once you are done with the purchase, Fireworks will appear in the buyer’s inventory 

Get a visual demo of purchasing Fireworks Astd:



Concluding the discussion, we want to remind readers to follow carefully the steps of How To Get Fireworks In Astd illustrated up in the note.

Let’s clarify that Fireworks cost two thousand gems which might be expensive for you, so try to buy more Fireworks To get the maximum chance of winning water goddess.

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