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Are you interested in wildlife? Or Are you among them who are anxious about the constant decrease in the number of wild animals? In today’s article, we will discuss the rhinoceros, an animal reduced in numbers.

Reducing the number of wild animals is a problem Worldwide, and different countries have taken different measures to safeguard rhinos so that they can save this animal from extinction. Let us discuss How Many Rhinos Are Left 2022.

The Number Of Rhinos Left In 2022

We have learnt from the sources that there are only 27,000 rhinos left, and the number of white rhinos alive on this planet is 2. In 1970, the numbers of rhinos were 70,000. The cause of such a rapid drop in the number is primarily hunting. Poachers killed this animal for their ivory horns.

Governments of different countries have made strict rules to frighten these poachers and, in this way, save the rhinos from becoming extinct. But the dramatic climate change is another reason for diminishing the number of rhinos. So now we will discuss How Are White Rhinos Left 2022?

Learn About The Different Species Of Rhinos

Rhinos are natural inhabitants of the African region. The two female rhinos, one a white rhino and the other a rare northern rhino, can be seen in Kenya. The different species are as follows:

  1. Rhinos of White can be seen in Northern and Southern rhinos.
  2. Among Black Rhinos, there are  
  3. Black rhinos from the Eastern and Southern region
  4. Black coloured western rhinos region
  5. Black rhinos in the Easter season
  6. One-horned rhinos from India
  7. Sumatran rhinos
  8. Javan rhinos

How Many Rhinos Are Left 2022: A Detail description

Nepal and Indian governments are working effectively to maintain the number of one-horned rhinos. Forty-seven rhinos were reintroduced in the Manas national park, and 2 rhinos were poached from Assam in 2021. In Nepal, the number has increased by around 16% since 2015. In 2015 the number of rhinos was 645, but in 2021, the number increased to 752.

According to The International Rhino foundation, the number of Black rhinos has increased significantly; almost 16-17 % of the population has increased. The number is 75 for this particular species. So, though the number is deficient, the positive thing is that this number is not decreasing further.

How Are White Rhinos Left 2022?

White rhinos that are alive are 17000-19000. Though the number decreased by 12 % in the last decade, there is no need to think much about this species. However, after the pandemic, when people struggle to earn their livelihoods, poaching and hunting have increased in many countries. 


From the above discussion on the rhinoceros, we can understand the present number of rhinos alive in different countries. Furthermore, from the discussion, we also know about five types of species of rhinoceros.

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