Geek Squad Auto Renewal Scam {August 2022} Read Reviews!

Latest News Geek Squad Auto Renewal Scam
Read this blog and learn more about the Geek Squad Auto Renewal Scam in-depth detail that will help you be aware of such scams.

Did you know Geek Squad frauds are being used all around the world? Are you aware that the fraud amassed more than $$K?

The most recent addition to the list is the Geek Squad Renewal scam emails. In recent months this fraud has been popular in the United States. Though many people may not have slipped for it, they received a scam email at a certain point. Read the following guide to gather more information on the Geek Squad Auto Renewal Scam.

What is Geek Squad Renewal Scam?

Con artists took use of the Geek Squad name to prey on helpless victims. Regardless of whether they had used the facilities of Geek Squad, they were sent an email of Payment details. The email notified the consumer that three specific amounts had been automatically debited to their bank account since they had chosen to have their membership automatically renewed.

According to the email, the Geek Squad subscriptions were extended for an additional two or three years. The email had a plan number in the subject line, the invoice number, and the product name in Geek Squad Auto Renewal Scam. However, the product name did not clarify whether it was designed for malware services or AMC. Most significantly, a phone number was included in the email in case the buyer wanted to question the costs.

To contest the allegations, the con artists urged people to phone them. Unfortunately, many innocent folks picked up the phone after falling for the ruse. The Geek Squad Scam creator then asked to immediately check their machine for every Geek Squad good that could have been installed. The con artist then pretended to have charged the victim incorrectly.

Geek Squad Auto Renewal Scam: What is Geek Squad

For a modest cost, Geek Squad, a Best Buy subsidiary, offers assistance with computing and other appliance-related problems. It provides an annual membership bundle for $199, precisely this feature utilized to con individuals. Both on-site and online assistance is included in this.

An antiviral and technology solution company is Geek Squad. Additionally, it provides repair and maintenance services for all varieties of computer hardware. As you might be aware, customers must pay a yearly membership fee to use the premium virus protection services or have AMC do repairs, which are not part of Geek Squad Auto Renewal Scam.


This article discussed the Geek Squad Renewal scam, which has been fooling people a lot these days. We discussed how the scammers make their move and what Geek Squad is. It is necessary to stay aware of such scams. If you are unsure whether a Geek Squad email is a fraud after receiving it, then it is better to report the mail. Additionally, you may report questionable emails by calling the Geek Squad support. To know more about this scam, click on the link.

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