5 Reasons you need a Fat Tire EBike for Hunting

Top 5 Reasons you need a Fat Tire EBike for Hunting

The tire trend caught hype in the recent year, but we are still scratching the surface of what these astonishingly versatile bikes can do. As a hunter, you can attest to the physically demanding nature of the lifestyle.

These bikes have been designed while considering the ATVs and UTVs’ shortcomings. These are quiet and do not leave any traces behind to distract animals. With a fat tire e-bike, you will get real-time comfort without missing the target.

Before jumping into the features and reason to buy it, let’s check what exactly this bike is.

What is a Fat Tire EBike for Hunting?

A fat tire hunting bike is a new and upgraded version of an electric bike equipped with the feature to run best in off-road conditions. These bikes have all-terrain tires, high-capacity cargo racks, hydraulic suspension, and strong frames to withstand rocky paths.

Fat tire bikes for hunting are powered by an ultra-quiet electric motor and a durable lithium-ion battery to cover long distances without getting stuck in the middle of a forest. These bikes offer exceptional and far better mobility than ATVs and UTVs. So, you can select any fat tire electric hunting bike, such as Himiway Cobra, to run in any off-road conditions.

Why Should You Choose an E-Bike for Hunting?

A fat tire bike for hunting is a great addition to a hunter’s arsenal, which offers ultimate toughness and convenience in tough conditions. If you have second thoughts about electric bikes for hunting, here we will provide valid points to consider fat tire bikes for hunting.

  • Superior Off-Road Capacities

Fat tires were introduced to trek over snow. With time, their benefits made them step into the hunting equipment industry. Their ability to handle all terrain has been enhanced, making it easy for the tires to move through mud, dirt, gravel, etc.

Fat tire electric bike‘s ability to travel seamlessly over any terrain makes it the best choice to have for hunting. These bikes feature puncture-resistant tires. It means you can also travel through the woods.

  • Better Balance

Riding on fat tire bikes is always easy for many people as their powerful motor does not require much work. These are even better options to ride than other bikes due to effortless balance. The wide contact patch offers improved stability, making a significant difference when carrying gear for miles through the forests.

  • Eliminates Human Scent and Presence

The ability of fat tire electric bikes to eliminate traces of human scent makes them stand out above all. If you walk on foot through the woods in search of prey, you leave traces of a scent behind. It becomes convenient for animals to understand your presence, and they run away.

However, using fat tire bikes for hunting will not leave any traces behind, and leaving minimum traces will improve the chances of trapping trees.

  • Provides More Room for Heavy Load

Carrying hunting gear is one of the major concerns. You will be glad to know that carrying hunting gear and other necessary loads is not a problem for fat tire electric bikes. These bikes are specially designed to handle the additional load and allow you to trail confidently. Many manufacturers, such as Himiway, ensure to equip bikes with every necessary feature to make them useful for hunters.

  • Quieter than you Think

A noisy motor is excellent for scaring away all animals. Many believe fat tire bikes make more noise, but this is false. They are quieter not to let the animal know you are around.

What is the Best Electric Hunting Bike? – Himiway Cobra

When hunting requires the best bikes, that proves to be a great helping hand while hunting down deer and other animals. Keeping this in mind, Himiway has designed a Cobra electric bike to make hunting worth enjoying and convenient.

It is equipped with an ultra-quiet motor, a large battery, fat tires, and a robust frame for exceptional working. Here are some notable features of the Himiway Cobra which make it the best fat tire electric bike for hunting.

  • Good Battery Power

The Himiway Cobra is powered by a 48V 20Ah motor made of Samsung or lithium battery. These are entirely integrated into the bike’s frame. The huge and powerful battery charges quickly and lasts for a long period.  

  • Motor

Himiway Cobra is equipped with a 750W brushless geared hub motor. Its powerful motor can take you on long distances without puncturing and draining out. The Cobra has five pedal assist settings. It implies that the motor will help you reach up to 25 mph.

  • Provide Long-Range Experience

Usually, hunters must travel long distances to find prey which is only possible with a fat tile all-terrain electric bike. They ensure to keep going in all conditions. Moreover, you can go consistently for 60 to 80 miles with a single charge.

It is also equipped with additional features, such as an LCD screen which keeps you updated about current battery conditions. Moreover, the hydraulic brake is a great addition to ensure a jerk-free and smooth stop.

  • Strong Design

Cobra is made of 6061 aluminum, providing enough power to cross all rocky and muddy paths. It is a huge bike with a tall standover height and a long wheelbase. Cobra is designed to keep the internal equipment, such as the battery, motor, and wire, secure in all weather conditions.

Final Thoughts

Hunting requires a powerful vehicle with a strong body and a good storage energy source. All of these features are evident in the Himiway Cobra all-terrain bike. It has a robust frame with a comfortable design that keeps a good posture and retains energy till the end. 

Adding an upgraded motor and large battery keeps the hunter traveling long distances without getting stuck. This fat tire ebike includes hydraulic press brakes to stop smoothly even if running fast. So, what are you waiting for? Get a Himiway Cobra and level up your hunting game.  

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