Is an English KS3 Tutor Really Necessary?

Is an English KS3 Tutor Really Necessary

English KS3 Tutor: There are some exams that parents are familiar with. In particular, everyone knows that A Levels and GCSEs are important. Indeed, parents choose to hire tutors for their children to ensure they receive good enough grades to get a job or go to university. This is particularly true when it comes to English as it is one of the most important subjects that students will take.

But, what about KS3 English? Does this stage really matter enough to hire a tutor for your child? The answer is yes. Let’s take a look at why hiring a tutor can be necessary for KS3 English.

Start Education Strongly

First of all, let’s remember that Key Stage 3 is the curriculum your child is going to be taught in the first three years of going to high school. It will be the first time that they will sit exams and things start to get serious. Indeed, this means studying subjects that are going to be tested and a lot harder than they are used to. In particular, this is true for English. There is going to be extensive reading and writing, which can be difficult for many students and this adjustment should not be dismissed.

So, why should you consider a tutor for KS3 English? It makes sure that your child has a good foundation for learning. They can start off their education strong and make sure that they have a good grasp of English. This is going to put them in the best possible position for education later down the line. To read more about the KS3 English tutors that are available for your child you can hit the link and visit TeachTutti. This is a popular education platform that gives you access to tutors that can help.

Improve Your Child’s Confidence

Secondary education can be quite a transition for children. Suddenly, there are propelled into a different school with new students, as well as taking on a range of subjects. There is a lot for your child to process and get used to. Yes, they have studied English before. But, it can seem like quite a jump when they are taking on SK3 English. 

Some students might not feel confident or that they know enough to perform well on their exams. When students are not happy, this can have a knock-on effect. So, this is where an English tutor can come in. They are going to encourage your child and allow them to improve their knowledge. In time, this will improve their confidence and make them feel ready to take on the exam. Again, this is going to build a positive foundation for your child to work on moving forward.

Learn Studying Techniques

Let’s remember that tutoring is not just about trying to improve your child’s grades. It can also be about helping them learn better ways to study. When they have a professional guiding them through KS3 English, they can take this knowledge forward. In particular, they will learn better ways to revise and these can be techniques they use later in life. O

Often, children are thrown into exams and not given a lot of guidance on how they should prepare and study independently. But, there are plenty more to come after KS3 and a tutor can support your child from an early stage. Remember that before this point in your child’s education, they have not been used to studying on their own on taking on exams in this way. So, this extra bit of support can be highly beneficial for your child’s education.

Adapt to Different Teaching Styles

Throughout your child’s secondary education, they are going to be exposed to different subjects and teachers. Each one is going to have its own syllabus and teaching style. It is very important that your child learns to adapt to these changes every year or they risk falling behind. 

So, a way you can help your child build resilience and learn to adapt is by hiring a KS3 tutor. This way, they will learn from someone else other than their teacher. They can approach English from a different angle, which will make them think in various ways. This is going to be beneficial for their English grades, as well as other subjects. It is also going to mean that your child does not panic when they move into different classes and no longer have their favourite teacher. They will be used to different styles and ways of working.

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