Dirth Wordle {June} Is This A Word? Read Here To Know!

Gaming Tips Dirth Wordle 2022

The below given post talks about Dirth Wordle and elaborates further on the meaning.

Who enjoyed yesterday’s Wordle? Well, the advent of the game has led to a revolution online. 

The online game has active users across the globe, including the United States, Australia, India, Canada, and the United Kingdom

However, the wordle answer of Thursday, 09 June 2022 left many users confused and the answers with the word Dirth trending. In this article, we will provide entire details of Dirth Wordle and what is the meaning of the word. So continue to read.

What is Dirth?

Word and scrabble lovers are inclined to crack word puzzles; you will surely know what Wordle is. Wordle is an online puzzle game that includes guessing a five-letter word within six attempts. While some days the answers are quite easy to guess, it can get tricky on others, requiring you to rack your brain to find the correct answer. 

The same happened with the answer of the 9th June 2022 Wordle. While the answer was Girth, many also wrote Dirth rhyming with the word. However, as per Dirth Definition, there is no word such as Dirth. Instead, it is a misspelling of another word, Dearth. In the coming sections, we will elaborate further on Wordle and the answer to yesterday’s Wordle.

More details about Wordle

  • Wordle is an online puzzle developed by Josh Wardle for his partner, who was very fond of word puzzles.
  • However, soon it became a viral game across the internet, with multiple spin-offs being released.
  • The game includes guessing a five-letter word within six attempts.
  • Besides, players are also provided hints.

Dirth Wordle – Why is it in the news?

Users are hinted at changing the colour of the tile. While green colour means correct guess, while yellow means almost right guess, but wrong placement and grey stand for the wrong answer.

While the players could guess the last four letters of the word, including I, R, T, and H, but got stuck with the first letter. However, the answer was Girth which means a band attached to the saddle. In addition, it also implies circumference, which is the measurement around something, especially an individual’s waist.

On the other hand, we tried searching for Dirth Game. But there is no word such as Dirth. Instead, it is the misspelling of Dearth that means scarcity or lack. Thus, all those who wrote Dirth are wrong; the correct answer was Girth.

Final Conclusion

However, the word has been trending across the internet, wherein users are searching the internet to know if there is any word called Dirth. But on conducting in-depth research, we found no word such as Dirth, but the actual word Dearth and the answer for 09 June 2022 was Girth.

Do you want to know more details on Dirth Wordle? Do read.

Were you able to guess the correct answer for the wordle puzzle? Do share your experience and feedback in the coming sections.

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