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Hi, readers; we are going to discuss a riveting game in this article. The game allows its players to guess the name of the countries through crosswords puzzles. 

Dear readers, Do you get bored after office hours or getting your classes over? Then, Country Wordle – a name puzzle game in the market, can entertain you during your leisure hours. 

The game has become a hot topic Worldwide because Canada has edged out the US in terms of guessing the correct answers in this exciting mystery game. 

Game Abstract –

The game is a sub-branch of the world-famous game wordle. It is played in the same way as we play wordle. The puzzle lovers can play the game once a day using six attempts given in the game. 

However, it is not about getting the correct English word by arranging the letters. Country Wordle is about guessing the name of countries. 

In short, you have to get a valid country name out of the letters provided on the website of this game. 

How to play this game?

The rules of this game are flexible. Many are playing it daily. People from all over the world are getting attracted to the challenges given in the game because it is easier to play. Players get the hints in the form of distances between two countries. But, there are some conditions that a player needs to follow before starting playing Country Wordle

  • The country name must be officially accepted.
  • Keep an eye on the changes in the colours of tiles. Because those colours show you what you’re doing.  
  • If you fail to understand or guess, the right direction and distance would be presented on the screen. 

There will be two countries in front of your screen. The name of one country will be given for guessing the right name, and the second country will be the target country which you need to guess in six guesses. 

Brief about the Country Wordle

It has been developed by Teuteuf. The inspiration for developing this game came from wordle. It is available in two languages – English and French. 

The application can be installed from its website by following the instructions given by the developer.

FAQs –

Q.1 Where can I find this game?

A.1 The game is available on 

Q.2 Can I get the previous days’ puzzles today?

A.2 This is not possible to find the previous days’ puzzles in the app, but you can check the archive folder to find them.  

The Final Verdict – 

People are taking interest in Country Wordle. The game is nice for investing time in puzzle solving. The game has no direct application on the google play store. For getting further information, check this official page.

Will you play this game? Please, share your experience and views with us.

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