Cookieswirlc Real Name {Aug 2022} Canadace: YoTube Star!

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The article tries to find Cookieswirlc Real Name and also briefly describes some of her exciting facts.

Do you have any idea about the actual name of YouTuber Cookieswirlc? Many of these viewers and followers want to know the real name of this famous YouTube video maker. In the recent time on this podium, Cookie Swirl has got great likes and viewership by the followers.

As a video maker, she is famous in the United States. Cookieswirlc started a video channel on YouTube in 2013. But after nine long years, people want to know Cookieswirlc Real Name.     

Do you have any clue about the real name? 

Let’s check out the actual name of Cookie Swirl C. But before that, we need to find out some fundamental facts about this famous YouTube celebrity. Although she started her channel in 2013, she uploaded her first video in 2014.

Her video mainly depicted the story of famous cartoon characters and games. She talked about Monster High, Shopkins, and Barbie Dolls etc. After her one video in 2016, she got vast and enormous famous for this video. That is when people start searching for the actual name of Cookie Swirls.

Is Cookie Swirl C a PH Star

Many of her viewers think she is a PH Star. We need to find the answer, so we try to check out all the information. As per the expert’s view, we find out that Cookie was not a PH Star. But it was rumoured that it spread among the viewers of this YouTuber.

When the real news came about their star status, many of her followers were shocked and upset. But, indeed, she is not a PH Star. But it is also true that Cookie is a big star on this podium. She has 18 million views on YouTube.

Cookieswirlc Real Name

From various internet sources, we got her real name. As per the report, Cookie’s real name is Candace. She was born on 14 March 1997. She is now 25 years old. Candace was active on YouTube and other social media at 16. It has been almost one decade since she worked as a YouTuber and made videos for the viewers.

Besides this YouTube channel, she also runs games for Minecraft and Roblox. However, she has another two media, such as Sugar8Cupecake and HoneyheartsC. Candace is also famous for her Pegasus Horses Series. Is Cookie Swirl C a PH Star– we have already discussed the matter. 

Why is the News Trending? 

Candace is one of the famous video makers on YouTube. Day by day, her followers and viewers are increasing. For this reason, she gained massive popularity among video watchers. For this reason, millions of her fans want to know her real name.


She has become one of the rich video makers on YouTube. In a month, she created almost 20-21 video content. Besides this, she earned 24 million USD from this channel. She is living a wealthy lifestyle and is very famous among her fans. For this reason, many ask for Cookieswirlc Real Name

Please note that all the data is taken from trusted internet sources. But you can also check the following link. Do you watch her videos? Comment, please.

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