Ten Common Problems College Students Face

Easy Way To Top Ten Common Problems College Students Face

Although college is a wonderful experience and a lasting memory, it is not without its challenges. Although every student’s situation may be unique, there are some common problems college students face. Do not hesitate to get help writing college papers to reduce your stress and anxiety while studying.

Get a head start on the obstacles you may face on your journey to college.

  1. Time Management

Problem: College can be challenging academically. College courses are more challenging than high school classes for many students. Colleges often include two years of content, which is not the case in high schools. While many students complete a 15-credit semester, others may manage to squeeze in 18 or 21 credits. Sometimes it can seem impossible to keep up with it all.

Solution: Know your limits. It is better to take 15 credits instead of 18. Although college education is meant to help you learn as much as possible, it doesn’t mean that you have to study all the time. You need to make time for enjoyment and take breaks to keep your mind sharp and clear. This guide will help you manage academic stress.

  1. Debt

Problem: The tuition costs are increasing at alarmingly fast rates. Add to this the rising cost of tuition, housing, food, supplies, transportation, textbooks, and you’ll have an unmanageable debt. Financial advisors advise not borrowing more than what one can afford to pay for college. This rule is difficult to keep in mind due to rising tuition costs. U.S. News reports that nearly half of students today say the rising cost of college is making it difficult to finish their degrees. Students are dropping out of college due to inability to afford it. Others have to balance full academic schedules and full-time work in order to make ends satisfy. It is nearly impossible to graduate debt-free.

Solution: Student loans can be obtained relatively easily. However, many students don’t understand how student loans work or how long they will take to repay them. This ignorance only increases the stress. It is important to learn about the structure of the loans that you will use to finance your education. Talk to a financial advisor about the details of the debt that you are taking on.

You might consider an on-campus job. On-campus jobs will help you save money on transportation and allow you to be more focused academically. You may be able to continue working in college if you have a job or experience in high school. Ask about the possibility of transferring to another job location if you’re going to school away. Also, set aside money for dining out and shopping trips.

  1. Homesickness

Problem: Most students will eventually feel homesick, regardless of whether they are open to it. This is especially true for those who live more than three hours from their home. It is likely that freshmen will feel more homesick as this will be their first year away.

Solution: Plan to visit your home at least once a month if you live less than three or four hours away (a comfortable drive of a day). Ask your friends and family members to send care packages, or call you. These actions can greatly reduce feelings of homesickness.

Many universities offer support groups for students. Talking with others who have had similar experiences can be helpful. Some of those you meet may become friends. You can help one another by remembering that other students may feel the same emotions as you.

  1. Depression

Problem: Any problem on this list could increase stress levels and cause emotional lows. Partying can provide temporary relief for some, but it can also lead to depression in the long-term.

Solution: Seek professional help if you are suffering from depression or stress. Numerous campuses offer free counseling services for students. Counselors can listen to students and help them get back on track.

Is College Worth It All?

These are only four of the many major challenges students face. Is it worth the struggle and problems? Eight out of ten students will answer yes, if you ask them. College can be stressful, but the positive experiences and the outcomes will outweigh any negative.

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