Cling Wordle {August 2022} Is It The Correct Answer?

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This post on Cling Wordle will provide clues and hints for the 10 August 2022 Wordle task.

Have you played #417 Wordle? Did you find the answer? If not, then this article will help you. As we all know, Wordle is popular Worldwide because of its straightforward gameplay, appeal to a broad crowd, and simplicity of sharing and contrasting scores via social media platforms.

However, many audiences look for clues and hints in the #417 Wordle task. Go through this article on Cling Wordle to learn more.

#417 Wordle solution

If you are a daily Wordle solver, you might know how it feels when you are stuck on a complex puzzle. Similarly, Wordle is again trending on social media because of the #417 Wordle puzzle. The answer on the 10 August 2022 Wordle was “CLING.”

The word is rare and uncommon. Cling is a noun and verb that means to hang on firmly. It also refers to sticking or adhering to something in need. It likewise can be utilized to depict when one is excessively subject to (somebody) inwardly. Keep scrolling to learn more about wordle.

Clues and Hints for Cling Game.

If you are also among those who are not aware of this word, then you should help your friends and family by providing them clues and hints for the #417 Wordle challenge.

  • The expression of the day begins with the letter C.
  • It consists of one vowel.
  • It closes with the letter G.
  • The equivalents for the expression of the day are embrace, grasp, and hang to.
  • The antonym for it is loosen

Beginning of the word – Old English Clingan ‘remain together’, of Germanic beginning; connected with Middle Dutch klingen ‘stick,’ Middle High German Klingen ‘climb,’ additionally to grasp. The Cling Game has become an interest among many to try wordle for once. 

How to play Wordle?

The gameplay is straightforward. You have six attempts to guess the secret word, which consists of Five-letters. The color of the tiles will guide you toward the correct answer.

  • When the box becomes green, it implies the letter is a piece of the day’s expression and perfectly positioned.
  • If the container becomes yellow, it suggests the letter is essential for the Wordle yet not ideally located in the Wordle.
  • The container will become dark on the off chance that a letter isn’t a piece of the word.

Start guessing words like Cling Wordle, as these letters are prevalent and might help you find the correct word instantly.

Final Verdict

Summing up, we have provided all the necessary information related to the #417 Wordle challenge of 10 August 2022. The correct answer to the puzzle was “CLING.” Help your friends and family by providing them with clues and hints mentioned above in this article.

Check out this link to learn more about the #417 Wordle challenge.

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