Blippi Harlem Shake Video Leaked On Twitter: Is It On Reddit, Tiktok, Instagram

Latest News Blippi Harlem Shake Video Leaked On Twitter

Blippi Harlem Shake Video Leaked on Twitter- Details of Harlem Shake Blippi Video Original on Reddit, Twitter, TikTok and Instagram!

Blippi is a famous kids’ entertainer who grabbed LimeLight from people Worldwide ten years ago when his viral video started doing rounds online. The man is known for his unique sense of humour and for providing entertainment for the kids.

Blippi became the topic of discussion when his poop video became viral. In the shocking viral clip, we can find him pooping on his friend, that became a viral name under the name Harlem Shake. 

Although the video was taken down from online websites 10 years ago, people are currently enjoying the video on some of the platforms. We will find more details about the video in the upcoming sections. 

Blippi Harlem Shake Video Leaked on Twitter

Blippi’s viral video was uploaded on several online platforms when the incident took place. However, due to inappropriate content, the video was removed from the online websites. 

It was reported that the video was first found on Twitter, but now, on searching with the caption, we cannot find the direct video link on the platform. Many users link to the video, but we cannot, claiming it to be true. 

After the video went viral, people reacted to the video. Their reaction was hilarious; some were even unhappy with the gross content uploaded to the internet. People gave mixed responses to the Harlem Shake Video. 

Complete Info Blippi Harlem Shake Video Leaked on Twitter
Complete Info Blippi Harlem Shake Video Leaked on Twitter

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Harlem Shake Blippi Video Original

The original video was shot a decade ago, and people, after knowing about such content, were eager to watch the video online. Unfortunately, the original video is not on social media websites. 

Blippi reacted to the video by saying that everyone has a past; he talked about making a gross comedy video and said he was in his early 20s before he started his YouTube channel for the kids. 

Stevin John, the viral person for the Harlem Shake video, was destined to become famous through such gross comedy videos that he uploaded online. Now, he has become the source of entertainment for kids who love him immensely.

Harlem Shake Blippi Video Original
Harlem Shake Blippi Video Original

Is the video found on Reddit?

The video is not found on Reddit or any other online social media platform due to the viral content in the video. Some channels still have the video, but we need help finding them.

People also searched for the video on Instagram but could not find it except for Stevin’s social media account. The video was highly hyped years back when it was uploaded. 

Blippi has a huge fan following; parents even watch the show online. The creator regrets pooping on his friend and making a video and posting it online. However, he accepted that he was at an early age. 

Availability of the video on Tiktok

We have not encountered the video on TikTok, and as mentioned, the video contains inappropriate content. Hence, it has been removed from all public media platforms. However, there are reports that the video is on some unofficial websites.

The video is not accessible to the public in general, and we also do not have any official link to the video. Blippi’s channel has managed more than 7 billion views on his videos, and he receives more than 400 million views every month. 

People unaware of Stevin John and his Blippi channel on YouTube can find it online and know about the content he posts for the kids.

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