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The article describes the brand new Ball Knowledge Wordle Game and also informs you about its features.

Are you a football lover? Do you want to play a game like Wordle? Yes, a new game for football fans is similar to the word puzzle game Wordle. The name of the game is “Weddle”. 

The gamers need to play the word game related to football. The game is already gaining much popularity in the United Kingdom. The new version of the word game is gaining massive popularity among game lovers. Today, we are going to discuss the Ball Knowledge Wordle Game. We will also discuss how it works and its salient features. 

What Do You Know About the New Game? 

We need to discuss the first thing first. In this game, the players don’t need to guess the five-letter word like Wordle word puzzle game. Instead of this, the gamers need to think of the name of the footballers. It is quite likely the “NFL” Wordle version.

Most importantly, the gamers can play the game without any cost. In this game, the players have to guess the name of the football players or NFL players. For the guessing purpose, the players will get some options or eight or more guesses.

Football Knowledge Quiz

Many experts think it is a kind of quiz. Yes, it is a quiz, but differently. The Weddle game is slightly different from the actual examination. In this game, the players will have a secret word. And they need to guess the name of the footballer.

As we informed you, the game is slightly different from the real Wordle game. The players will have eight responses to guess the name of the player. Eric Wedel is the principal founder of the game. Millions of football fans are now playing this quiz game every day.

Ball Knowledge Wordle Game– Playing Methods

The game has some processes to play. In the game, you need to solve the puzzle related to the NFL’s football player. 

  1. Like Wordle, if you guess the incorrect word and placement, it will show the colour, Grey. 
  2. If the players assume the right word but the wrong placement, it shows the Yellow colour. 
  3. When the players choose the correct word in the proper order, it shows the colour Green. 

Besides this, the players will have eight chances to guess the right name for the Football Knowledge Quiz. 

How is the Response to the game? 

The game is in its initial stage. And from the beginning, it is gaining massive popularity among gamers. Most importantly, the game is similar to and inspired by the excellent word puzzle game Wordle. For this reason, many gamers are taking an interest in the game. Another reason is the football game. So, puzzle lovers are accepting the interest in the game.


At last, we can say, at the present time, there are many similar games in different sectors. But the new round of the Ball Knowledge Wordle Game is gaining popularity for its own reasons. 

All the information is taken from the best knowledgeable internet sources. Besides this, you can also check more details via this link. Do you want to play the game? Comment, please.

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