Factors To Think Before Installing a Door Access Control System

Factors To Think Before Installing a Door Access Control System

A physical access control goal is to prohibit entry for unauthorised individuals while granting authorised individuals rapid and comfortable entry. Any business’ main concern should be to ensure the safety of its facilities and personnel, and among the most effective approaches to do this is through an access controlling system that is properly thought out.

It is simple to operate and strikes the ideal mix among physical security and convenience thanks to high-quality technology and professional setups.. The access control system lets the owner know who, when, from which door, how long, and how much time you enter the business. Even, systems have analytical capabilities that can actively alert you to suspicious activity. 

What are the components of the Access Control System?

To better understand how to enhance your facility’s security, it is important to understand the basics of various security technologies. The access control system not only improves the safety and security of the building but also maintains some basic components to achieve optimal functions. Below are some of the common elements of the access control system.

Credentials to start the system: To start a new Entry and Exit Management System, you need to set the appropriate credentials and ensure that the right people have management and security access to the system. By setting these credentials, you can be held accountable for who has requested access and who has established the authentication rules created and implemented them.

Access Denied and Permission with Keypad Card Readers:

 Keypad readers are integrated to receive the information people need when requesting access using this device. In commercial facilities, proximity card readers are common. This system works when the card is used within a few inches of the reader. The reader calculates identification information from the user access card.

Door Lock and Alarm System

Electronic door locks can be used as an alternative to traditional keys or to add additional automation capabilities to improve property security. While this type of lock is commonly used in automobiles, many leading security providers offer electronic door locks for homes and businesses. This security technology allows the door to remain locked until the user enters the appropriate credentials and signals to temporarily unlock the door.

Access control system software:

The software can range from simple startups to business security and technology settings. No matter how complex the software is, the primary purpose is to allow users to enter information, create authorization procedures, and review account information for the overall technology description. The software bridges users and technology to ensure the estate’s and its residents’ safety while simplifying the security process.

Wired or wireless system

When selecting an access control system, you must decide whether to use a wired or wireless system. In wired systems, each terminal is connected by a physical wire. When a system is installed in an existing building, it is often difficult to install because renovation work is required. When building a new building, many people choose a wired system. The advantage of these systems is that they have no range limitations. Since the terminal is connected to a physical wire, it can communicate over longer distances than a wireless system. In addition, since it depends on the power source of the building, there is no need to replace the battery.

On the other hand, wireless systems operate on batteries and can communicate over wireless LANs. However, access points have a limited range. It means that the access point cannot forward information from a point.


Door access control systems can be implemented for various purposes, including protecting expensive property, securing products and supplies, and restricting unauthorized entry and exit. However, the design, range, and price of door access systems vary depending on their application. You can limit unauthorized entry into the premises by simply installing access systems on commercial main door and exit doors.


Most access control systems consist of a keypad, card reader, access card, and touchpad. However, depending on the authentication method, the mechanism is very different. Unlike password or password authentication, card reader authentication is difficult to forge, so it is found to be robust. For this reason, many financial institutions prefer to use card keys to limit entry and exit.

Lock device type

Access-controlled doors can use a variety of locks. However, electromagnetic locks are the most common type because they are very effective. The ZL or L bracket allows for smooth mounting on all wooden and aluminum doors, and all installation is external.

A power supply is always required to maintain the lock. It is also called a failsafe lock because it automatically opens the door when the power fails. Fire protection regulations usually require failsafe locks to allow workers and customers to escape from the premises in an emergency.

Final Thoughts

Access Control Systems are security devices that allow and restrict access to specific areas of the company. Helps protect employees, assets, and sensitive information. In addition, the data is reported in real-time by recording the entrance and exit of the room. The market has access control systems with various functions. So before finalizing your decision you have to consider all these factors.

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