1-Click Blog Post Review (Sep) Buy After Reading It!

1-Click Blog Post Review 2020

1-Click Blog Post Review (Sep) Buy After Reading It! >> Produce the blog post at a fast pace and reduce the struggle that the bloggers face while writing any post from scratch.

1-Click Blog Post Reviews: It is hard to write a blog post from scratch and stare at the blank page is something that prevents website owners from updating their writing content. This is the reason they never do anything on their website and not write any blog posts even once a day. 

But if you do not want to start blogging from the beginning. Here, we have a plugin, labelled as 1-Click Blog Post Review, that is a new addition to the WordPress platform. Moreover, this eliminates the need to write the post again whatever you have conveyed through the YouTube video.

We will get to know all aspects of this plugin and find out what actually it is and how it works. Let us have a look at the 1-Click Blog Post Review

1-Click Blog Post Review

What is the 1-Click Blog Post Review? 

Simply put, this is a WordPress Plugin that is developed by Ankur Shukla, and it is ready to use. This is an impressive and the most straightforward WP plugin that helps the bloggers and YouTubers to generate content for their website in an easy way. 

This plugin takes the transcript from the YouTube video and imports the same as a content in the form of a WordPress blog. It works well with any niche, and the user needs to have a YouTube URL, and that is all. 

Let us know more about this through the 1-Click Blog Post Review.

Features of 1-Click Blog Post

Here are some of the features attached to the plugin that the user needs to aware of.

  • Embedded video clips
  • Automated import and installation
  • Creation of the thumbnail
  • Run in one-click

1-Click Blog Post Reviews

How does it work?

The working of this plugin is simple and easy. Here is the step by step guide that will help you out to get enough help. Let us have a look at the websites.

  1. Download and install the 1-Click Blog Post Plugin into your WordPress website.
  2. Create a new WordPress post. 
  3. Copy the URL of YouTube videos and paste it in the blank field. 
  4. That’s it, the plugin extracts the content and adds to the article. 

What is the best aspect of the 1-Click Blog Post?

There is nothing like that developed in the past time, and the concept is a dazzling one. It has become easy for the site owners to generate content and insert videos right in the article. 

The best thing is that you need to tap once to update your blog post earlier. This one is a perfect choice for newbie and also for the individuals who want to refine their skills in creating high-traffic sites and blog sites too. 

1-Click Blog Post Reviews Scam

How much does it cost? 

Here are the pricing packages available for 1-Click Blog Post and the upsells. 

  • Front-end offer: $27 (unlimited version available with a discount of $10)
  • Pro version OTO is available at $47.
  • Headliner OTO costs $ 37.
  • FotoFinder OTO is at $37.
  • Tag Machine OTO for $37.
  • Developers OTO for $47. 

What are people saying about 1-Click Blog Post?

We found a lot of responses from the users, and some of them are available below. Let us know what they think about this plugin. 

Gene Marshall said that this is a marvellous idea as he is a blogger cum website owner and writing a blog from scratch is quite cumbersome. This plugin is the answer to their prayers. Also, they like the concept of publishing the converted content or edit it in their way. 

  • James Jay reviewed that the plugin seems reasonable, and this is an impressive way to generate ideas. The concept is worthy too. 
  • As explained by Heinz Thanheiser, this is a vast idea and acts as a time saver. With a bit of editing and clicks, a blog post will be created.

1-Click Blog Post Reviews Legit

Bottom Line

After considering all points associated with the 1-Click Blog Post Review, we can conclude that Ankur brings the heat by developing such a fantastic plugin. Also, the working and installation is not rocket science. 

The website owners need to utilize the plugin if they want to increase their earnings. It does not take much time to post web content, and there is no particular demand to set up the thumbnail.  

Mention your thoughts and experience with the 1-Click Blog Post Reviews below in the comment box. 

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  1. 1-click blog post plugin is a scam. The plugin doesn’t work. They refused to refund my money after selling what is not working for me.

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