Is Zorino Shop Legit {April 2022} Check The Full Review!

Zorino Shop Online Website Reviews

In the following article, you will find about the legitimacy of Is Zorino Shop Legit or not is still suspicious.

Don’t you get proper time to care for your hair? Are you looking for hair solutions that help you massage your scalp and help you grow thick hair? 

Most women in the United States suffer from some or other hair problems. On an online platform, we found a website that sells silicon hair brushes which are very useful and healthy for our scalp and hair. Is Zorino Shop Legit or not? Are products available on this website worth buying? Read below.

Is Zorino Shop a trusted website? 

  • Age of portal: this web portal was created on 14 March 2022. That means this website was around one month ago.
  • Alexa ranking: Alexa ranking for the website Zorino shop is 6488483
  • Website trust score: zorino shop has the least trust score of only 1% on its website.
  • Social media page: this website does have an Instagram account of 4.5k followers. Although this account is private.

Zorino Shop Reviews are important to prove the legitimacy of the website. Therefore, let’s look at its reviews and other important legitimacy points.

  • Customer review: this website can be genuine, but for now, there are no customer reviews on its website as well as its Instagram handle is also private.
  • Copied content: Zarino shop contains 40% of plagiarism content. 
  • Contact address verification: information regarding contact address is not available on the web page.
  • Owner information: owner information is also not available on the web page.
  • Return & exchange policy: zorino shop offers a 60-day money-back guarantee if you are unsatisfied with the product.

About the Zorino Shop. 

Is Zorino Shop Legit or fraud still suspenseful because this website is only one month older. There are many products in online markets that offer you good hair care. However, does Zorino do the same? Let us find out below.

It is impossible to gain massive public engagement on the new website. So the trust score is low for the website, but at the same time, the website has an Instagram page with more than 4.5k followers.


  • Website type: Silicon hairbrush selling company claim to provide extra nourishment to your scalp and hairs.
  • Date of the website: 14 March 2022
  • Web address:
  • Email id:

Let’s see some contact information to prove Is Zorino Shop Legit or a scam. Also, we will find some shipping and payment information that might help formulate the legitimacy of this website.

  • Contact No.: +33 7 56 87 90 04
  • Contact address: contact address information is not available on
  • Short/filter option: not available.
  • Price of product: you can only pay in United State dollars(USD) to buy any products.
  • Shipping and delivery: shipping can be done within 8 days from the transit at domestic places.
  • Mode of payment: credit card, MasterCard, American Express.

Pros to verify: Is Zorino Shop Legit

  • Zorino Shop has many products other than Silicon hair brushes. Silicon hair brushes are their main product.
  • Email ID and contact number are available on the website to find more information about the product.
  • Return policies: The return policy of the zorino shop is fascinating. That can be helpful if you do not like the product.
  • Zorino Shop has an Instagram handle with more than 4.5k followers on it.


  • Owner information and other details regarding the website are missing on its official web page.
  • Website trust score is very poor, i.e., 1%.

Zorino Shop Reviews

Zorino Shop does have an Instagram handle, but it is private. Reviews are also not available on official websites, so we cannot trust any website without customer reviews. Customer reviews are essential for any website to be legit. Customer reviews also tell about the product quality and use; they are worth buying or not. In addition, Get Your Money Back From PayPal if Scammed to enjoy safe online shopping.


Zorino shop is a brand new website with a good amount of followers in Instagram. Still, all the other website details do not favor its legitimacy. So we cannot say: Is Zorino Shop Legit or fake for now. 

Would you like to buy a product from this website? Mention your feedback in the comment section below. For ionic hairbrushes, visit. Also, Everything You Should Know About Credit Card Scams for Safe Shopping is here.

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